January 29, 2023

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3rd link: That’s enough

From the beginning of the campaign, a file of 3e The link clearly occupies an unequal position. It even borders on fun. It diverts attention from the most important issues for all Quebecers.

The healthcare system is cracked everywhere. Housekeeping is not serious. In mental health, it’s the desert. Government schools are always beaten by the subsidized private sector. The French retreated.

As an in-depth investigation of want, CIUSSS “Park” among many intellectually disabled accommodation resources, many of whom provide living conditions unfit for advanced society. (I’ll be back on Friday.)

So let’s release sneakers with 3e connection that is enough.

It is true that all Quebecers will pay for this baronial scheme, and no one has yet proven its worth.

Not a social project

However, 3 is truee The link is not a company project. It is a local infrastructure project for Capital-National. point.

In short, nothing justifies his spending so much time on a national campaign.

For example, let’s recall another endless story about another infrastructure project – CHUM, the French-speaking “mega-hospital” in Montreal. He was also paid by all the Quebecers, but his shares were as local as the 3’se Link to Quebec.

Between the initial idea and its construction, CHUM’s River Novel spanned more than 20 years! Three Prime Ministers had their teeth broken there. Conflicting studies rained down. Three different sites were considered.

In 2004, Jean Charest appointed two former Prime Ministers, Brian Mulroney and Daniel Johnson, to chair the commission to select the final site. It never ended.

The subject of CHUM sometimes came up in the election campaign, but it was never a dominant theme. Why the hell 3e Will there be a connection today?

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