March 28, 2023

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A dog attacked a 5-year-old child

A Laurentians mother is calling on dog owners to be vigilant after her 5-year-old toddler was mauled by a Great Dane in early September.

“Had we known he was an aggressive dog, we could have taken precautions with the kids in the yard. It would have been muzzled and leashed,” laments Sarah Boisclair.

On September 7, her son Madden was having fun with other friends at a friend’s house in Mont-Laurier when she was approached by Piston, a Great Dane. It is a breed known for its gentleness.

“They thought the dog was going to lick him because he didn’t scream, and eventually he attacked him,” said Clear wood.

One of the youths has to hit the animal with a broom to stop the attack. The adults present at the scene saw the child’s face covered in blood and deep wounds.

An ophthalmologist and a plastic surgeon worked for more than five hours in the operating room on Madden’s injuries, which nearly cost him his eye.

“He has a tube in his eye that replaces the tear duct for tears,” says Sarah Boisclair. According to the doctors, he was very lucky that his eye was not affected further.


The mother of five was dismayed to learn that a dog behaviorist had recommended that the puppy be muzzled or isolated in the presence of children in the past year.

According to our information, the Great Dane, who was euthanized, showed aggression towards the children who lived with him on several occasions.

Its owner declined to speak RegisterA young man had consulted a specialist after being injured.

“Owners who evaluate their dog and have referrals, it’s important to follow through,” insists Sarah Boisclair, who, like Madden’s father, can count on fundraising campaigns when she’s not at work. attack


Most owners have difficulty recognizing that their animal is dangerous, says canine behaviorist Sonya Berube.

Regardless of the mastiff’s general habits, you have to be careful, he adds.

“A dog is a dog. It is an animal with teeth, it has its qualities and its defects. You have to accept it as it is, see it as it is”, Mme Berube.