December 8, 2023

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A gynecologist was rushed out to protect her patients

A gynecologist was rushed out to protect her patients

The 73-year-old obstetrician was quickly removed by his professional order to protect his patients after he allegedly made inappropriate sexual comments again, this time while a patient was giving birth.

In the judgment handed down last Monday, we read that “the council fears for the safety of the public if the respondent continues his business”.

Rare Truth, DR Alan B. Claiman was temporarily and immediately attacked by the College of Physicians of Quebec (CMQ). He can no longer practice.

Alleged facts On April 22, a young mother was being examined in the delivery room of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

At the end of the gynecological examination, he told her in English: “Thank you for the good time” (Thanks for the good time), a nurse at the scene testified.

According to Sindiq, the doctor admitted making these comments during a meeting at CMQ in June and described them as “inappropriate”. Inappropriate)

A reviewer

“The conduct alleged against the defendant […] Serious and worrisome and similar to what has already been reprimanded him in the past”, the Disciplinary Council notes.

In 2019, DR Kleiman has already been banned for two years for inappropriate sexist comments.

Since his return in July 2021, the college has required a woman to accompany the patient for any physical examination. Further, CMQ alleges that he failed in this duty last April.

From 1989 and 2020, DR Kliman has been the subject of 11 disciplinary hearings, the ruling states. Despite this transfer, the trial on the offense will take place at a later date.