November 30, 2022

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A house riddled with bullets in Brassard

Neighbors of a residence that was the target of a shooting in Brossard last night did not immediately respond, believing it to be fireworks.

At least five residents of rue Orphée in the O sector of Brossard heard what sounded like “firecrackers” last night.

It was only when the police arrived that they found that there were gunshots in the house next door.

Fortunately there were no injuries.

“I was watching the World Cup. My daughter told me that there are police everywhere,” said Évelyne Poirier, who lives in the area.

Not an accident

Another neighbor, Yoo Yong, was listening to music while playing blocks with her autistic son.

while passing by RegisterMultiple bullet holes were visible in the window of the apartment.

An immediate neighbor Mr. Yong didn’t realize the house had been hit by gunfire.

“I thought there was one or two shots. But we see many impacts on the window. It’s really worrying, it’s not an accident,” he noted.

She has seen it all

A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, witnessed the shooting. As she was returning from a long walk, she saw a “young man” shooting at the house and fled in a “white sedan.”

“The driver was waiting for him while the engine was running,” the woman explained.

However, she did not call 911.

This morning, rue Orphée was surprisingly quiet and peaceful despite the events of the previous day.

“In 20 years, nothing has happened in this area,” said Lin Ngo Fong, one of the neighbors.

The suspects are yet to be arrested.

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“The investigation is ongoing,” said the Longueuil Coordinating Police Department.

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