September 28, 2022

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A liberal candidate campaigns in Morocco | Quebec 2022 elections

In an interview with Radio-Canada on Thursday, the curious deputy explained that he was in the land of the distant sunset as part of a workforce training program for people who want to immigrate to Quebec. His stay in Morocco had been planned for a long time.

This is a project we started in 2020 and had to put it on hold due to the pandemic.Mr. Perry said.

20 days for the campaign

The candidate for the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) is making sure he has time to campaign on the ground when he returns to Quebec, which is scheduled for ten days.

Meeting the people and citizens of my riding is vital and I will. I will give it 20 days. It’s a marathon, and I’ll gladly do itMustafa Perry says.

Mustafa Perry was the candidate of the Liberal Party of Canada in the riding of Drummond in the last federal election (Archives).

Photo: Courtesy of the Candidates Committee

A liberal candidate, he is an ardent runner who often wins elections during election campaigns. Final run.

In my opinion, this has played out in the last 20 days. The beginning of the campaign is above all preparation […] From the leaders’ discussion, that’s where the ideas come from. »

A quote Mustafa Perry is the Liberal candidate in Montmorency

At a press conference Thursday morning, Liberal leader Dominic Anglette admitted that was not the case. Not clear.

Like Ruth Ellen Brosseau?

Citing the case of former NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, she argued that a candidate can be elected and achieve victory despite a temporary absence during an election campaign.

Maybe our Ruth Ellen BrosseauMrs. Anglade began jokingly. It would be nice to have him there, but there are precedents that they can make great MPs.

Dominic Anglade and Marva Risky at a press conference.

Dominic Anglade (left) comments on his candidate’s absence from Montmartre on the sidelines of an announcement in Sherbrooke on Thursday.

Photo: Radio-Canada / John Jaramillo

During the 2011 federal election campaign, Berthier-Maskinongé candidate Ms. It may be recalled that Brosseau was away from Canada for a few days on vacation. However she was chosen.

A unanimous choice

Communication Team QLP In the early days of the campaign, Mr. Noting that the Liberal establishment in Montmorency knew Perry would be out of the riding.

His selection as candidate was unanimously approved by the Liberal Association and the party team. He received his appointment on August 24 and has already been in the field for several weeks. Its volunteers are currently active elsewhere!press secretary Catherine Dosti said in an email to Radio-Canada.

During the last federal election, Mustafa Perry contested the riding of Drummond under the banner of the Liberal Party of Canada.

He finished the race in second place behind Bloqvist Martin Chamboux.

In collaboration with Audrey Paris, Véronique Prince and Camille Carpentier

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