June 1, 2023

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A spring storm hits Quebec

Strong sales and steady rain on the project. forecast.

Great texture and moisture

A dumping system from the southern United States will bypass the U.S. coast to feed on moisture. This influx of moist air from the Gulf of Mexico will fuel disturbances that will hit Quebec and produce heavy rainfall. Also, rain will be accompanied by strong winds. Some areas may even experience snowfall.

Storm 1

A lot of rain

Up to 70 mm of rain may fall in some areas. Rain is expected to begin Saturday evening. However, a strong pulse is expected from the system on Sunday evening. Sometimes it rains heavily. The greater Montreal area will receive between 30 and 50 mm of water. The western part of the province, especially Teminskamingu and Outais, received 40 to 70 mm.

Storm 2

Strong wind

An element is added to precipitation: wind. This vigorous system will produce strong winds, especially along the axis from Estrie to Saguenay. A north-easterly wind over the river waters will blow strongly on the coast. It is expected to reach a speed of 70 to 80 kmph. Models indicate that Monday will be a windy day.

Storm 3A

Start of the week on the water

Rainfall is expected to continue in many areas, especially in the eastern part of the province and Abidjan until Monday evening. Snow is expected on the North Shore, but especially inland and mountainous terrain. Most of the rain fell in Greater Montreal, Monterey and Laurentians.

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Storm 4B

In collaboration with meteorologist Patrick Duplessis.

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