September 24, 2022

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Accident in Saint-Adèle: A dark young man on the North River

SAINTE-ADELE | A young man who is loved by all today was enjoying his high school lunch break with friends when he fell and was swept away by the strong current of the Rivière du Nord in Sainte-Adèle.

The first responders at the kayak were looking for the young man in the afternoon.

Photo courtesy, Jean Lessard

The first responders at the kayak were looking for the young man in the afternoon.

“We worry, Gabriel Wylancourt is looking for his friend in the river from Sûreté du Québec (SQ) Divers. It’s really sad because she’s a pearl, this woman. No one can say she did not love him.

Photo courtesy, Jean Lessard

At 12:30 p.m., as four friends were near the Roland Street Bridge, a young woman on a rock lost her legs and found herself in the Laurence River.

Photo courtesy, Jean Lessard

Those who came with a secondary 4 student would have tried to help her, but were unsuccessful.

For most of the evening, SQ divers searched the river for him. This tragic event created a real shock wave at lunchtime at his Augustine-Norbert-Morin high school, less than a kilometer away.

“When we found out, everyone cried. The whole school was upset,” said Samuel Laport.

A medal in memory of the victim was hung on the Roland Bridge.

Photo by Erica Opin

A medal in memory of the victim was hung on the Roland Bridge.

“It created a huge vacuum for others to realize that life is fragile. I hope young people will make decisions out of it. We have to be careful, we are not invincible,” Justin Laprise-Lemme said.

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Famous place

At this corner of the river, many rocks are electrified, often by young people from the area, according to citizens who visited the site.

A mother even said Registration The day before the tragedy with the missing young man, he came to the edge of the river and found a bathing suit in his daughter’s lunch bag.

“Young people are born here and are aware of the dangers of the river, especially in the spring when they are often told.

Many people believe that this place should be fenced off near the river.

“There is a path to go here from high school, so young people walk here Cold. Last year, a young man split his head, ”said Melanie Richard.

Renault Hawkins, executive director of the Life Saving Association, also warns that spring is a time to be especially careful around waterways.

“At this time of year, even though it is hot, there is strong current and the water is particularly cold,” he explained.

In Quebec, approximately 40% of submersion occurs in rivers, making them extremely deadly.

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