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AJ Brown can laugh at himself, but the Eagles WR isn’t joking about being an extrovert

AJ Brown can laugh at himself, but the Eagles WR isn’t joking about being an extrovert

To understand AJ BrownHis character as a wide receiver, you first have to understand his taste in comedy.

Joe’s owner the Eagles A fan from North Philadelphia Creates comic content online It can spread. Earlier this season, he made a mock video of an Eagles rally with Brown repeating, “I’m open!” He has performed various iterations of this Browne refrain, including Browne in A.I Mock press conference Answer every question with “I am open to it,” regardless of the topic.

Brown was not upset. He laughed, shared the videos, and has since followed Joe on Instagram.

“He’s a comedian here in Philly, he’s always making videos. He made a video and it was 24th, and I was like, ‘I’m an extrovert! I’m an extrovert!'” Brown said of Joe. “He always does a really good job with that. The guys love it. I hope he continues to do so!”

“The background of the video,” said Joe, “came from it, which is actually open and honest.”

Yes, Brown always thinks he’s outgoing. Just look above his locker, where his “Always Open” sign hangs. Look at his Instagram bio – @1k_alwaysopen. He wears a T-shirt that reads, “Guardian Can’t”. Brown is not ashamed of this belief.

There was a slight buzz earlier this week when television cameras caught Brown looking depressed in the Eagles’ fourth quarter. Blast win Over the New York Giants In the NFC subdivisions round. Coach Nick Siriani even comforted Brown on the bench. Brown said this week it was “nothing serious” and “there’s nothing to worry about,” and Siriani made it happen as a confident player who wanted the ball.

The footage sparked controversy and chair psychology. If this is the exercise of choice, it is important to understand the mind of a top wide receiver in order to participate.

Brown explained, “If you throw the ball at me 100 times, I’m going to want it 101 times.”

Brown is not shy about this. Look over his locker! There’s a reason Brown laughs at Joe’s videos. It’s the way he thinks – and it’s part of what made him one of the most NFLBest wide receivers.

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“Personally, I feel like I can change the game at any moment,” Brown said. “Getting the ball often keeps you going, keeps you in rhythm. It definitely puts you in the zone. You lock in. Of course I want the ball.”

The Browns opposed the suggestion that a higher wide receiver could come with “diva” tendencies. He insisted he would not cause a stir with his teammates or coaches.

“I’m not the receiver on the sidelines or trying to cause trouble on the sidelines, I’m not the guy,” Brown said. “I think that’s what you’ve been describing, ‘the diva’, or whatever the case may be. I’m not that person. I’m the guy who talks to the quarterback, talks to the OC and does it that way. I’m not a guy who’s going to cause trouble on the sidelines.”

(It’s worth noting the sentiment Alshon Jeffery shared in 2017 when the “no diva” theme came up during a Super Bowl run. Jeffery suggested that he’s sure the Eagles have those kinds of players, but they wouldn’t show it when the team was winning. Success is an eliminator.) Strong sweat.)

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Brown finished with 88 catches for 1,496 yards and 11 touchdowns in the regular season—all career highs—while breaking Mike Quick’s single-season franchise record for receiving yards. The Eagles traded first- and third-rounders in April of last year to acquire Brown, awarding him a four-year, $100 million contract to make him the highest-paid player on the team. He’s in Philadelphia to “change the game,” as Brown and Siriani put it.

“That’s what you want your receivers to have, to own the football,” Siriani said. “Part of the reason receivers are so good is because they want and crave football. They want the ball to change the game. But make no mistake about it, he was just glad we won the football game. He always wants to be involved, obviously, in the plan. He plugged His ass, and you could see how excited he was when he jumped that block for a DeVonta (Smith) touchdown. But he was obviously really excited and celebrating in the locker room with all of us after the win.”

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It’s true that the Browns had a key block on Smith’s touchdown. The Browns were proud of it, even though teams don’t pay receivers $25 million a year because they’re good blockers. Brown had three catches for 22 yards against the Giants; It was his second-fewest yardage production of the season and tied for second-fewest receptions. The Eagles also built a 28-0 lead in the first half and attempted just seven tackles in the second half (and 24 in the game). Last Saturday wouldn’t require prolific production from the team’s receivers.

This Sunday may be different. the San Francisco 49ers He has the best defense in the NFL, but his run defense ranks higher than pass defense. Based on yards allowed, the 49 players are ranked No. 20 against a pass and No. 2 against a run. The Eagles will need to use their passing game to advance to the Super Bowl, and Brown is a key part of the plan.

Brown, who suffered an unspecified injury late in Saturday’s game, said he was “doing well” and was not on his injury report due to an illness this week.

The 49ers know Brown well. play against them with titans in December 2021 and finished with a career-high 11 catches for 145 yards and a touchdown. Brown noted that the staff has changed in San Francisco, but he played in that game — and he’ll need to do the same this weekend.

Brown Embrace the big stage. His “perfect” college performance came in his only hometown game in Starkville, Miss. His NFL debut came on the same day Odell Beckham Jr. played his first game in Cleveland – with Brown as the leading receiver. His projected Eagles opener included 10 receptions for 155 yards. When faced away from the team that traded him, he caught two touchdowns and a The Titans gave a “cry.”

Brown played in the AFC Championship Game as a junior (caught three receptions for 51 yards) when Tennessee lost at Kansas City, his first taste of the postseason.

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“You sure know what it’s like to be like, but this time it’s on my side, being home,” Brown said. “It’s still about making plays, making every drive count.”

And he wants to be the one doing these plays. if Jalen Hurts Throw him 10 tackles, the Browns will want 11.

“I feel like all I do is go to work; it may not work, but I feel it will work,” Brown said. “And I really believe in myself and feel like I can take over the game whenever I get the chance. Of course I want the ball, I long for the ball. That’s as far as I can sum it up.”

Brown wasn’t kidding – but he knows how to take a joke.

Just watch his favorite video that Joe made.

Reporter: On the 3rd and 17th, how would you explain your reaction to this non-conversion?

Brown: I was open.

Reporter. You guys were on defense.

Brown: I was open…

Reporter: When Jake Elliott Went to kick 60 yards, were you nervous at all?

Brown: I was open. I was open.

About the holidays, Joe Share your meme which reads, “Everyone’s Job Closed Over the Holidays.” Underneath was written “My Job” – along with a picture of Brown’s face.

“Open like clockwork,” Brown commented. “Tell a friend to tell a friend.”

Scroll through Joe’s content and it’s clear that the part is never out of date. In fact, Joe went to hand-deliver a gift to the Browns before an Eagles game in Week 18.

Joe arrived at the stadium during the pre-game warm-ups and walked to the bottom row behind the B end zone Gift-wrapped packaging passed to Brown.

Brown walked toward the end zone benches, opened the box and looked inside.

Another sign read, “Open.” Brown laughed as if he was sitting through a comedy show. There is often truth in every joke.

(Photo: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)