January 19, 2022

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Alberta stopped removing restrictions

Stop publishing until September 27 to allow health officials Monitor the situation more closely and increase the vaccination rate Albertson, says Dr. Hinshaw.

The deregulation will depend on the confirmation of the number of hospitals and the results of data on the risk of developing serious diseases in children with Covit-19.

Despite the increase in cases, he says, decisions are made based on predictions that a higher vaccination rate will prevent serious health consequences.

“We need to constantly monitor [la situation] And adjust based on the results, ”says Dr. Hinsha.

What are the restrictions?

For now, wearing a face mask is mandatory in taxis and buses, as well as in carpooling. However, it is only recommended at school.

Those with symptoms of COVID-19 and those tested positive for the corona virus should be self-isolated for 10 days.

At the same time, the screening centers are open, and the screening does not require a doctor’s request.

Returning to school under the sign of a balance between physical and mental health

The provincial chief health officer also made recommendations for the start of the school year.

Telling them to take into account the effects of imprisonment on the mental health of young people over the past year Low prevalence of serious diseases Created in this population, Deena Hinsha recommends wearing a mask at school, but does not impose it except on school buses.

According to data provided at the press conference, by 2020, school-age children were hospitalized four times for fall-related injuries and eight times as many young people were hospitalized for related disorders. Worry more than Govit-19.

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Of all adolescents who test positive, less than 1% are admitted to hospital and have no deaths, the chief health official said.

We need to stop treating Govt-19 as the only disease that is dangerous for children.

A quote:Dina Hinsha, Chief Medical Officer of Alberta

However, Deena Hinsha recalled that school principals have the power to impose it if they feel the need for more control measures than the provincial recommendations.

He also reminds parents of the importance of using basic hygiene rules such as washing hands regularly and keeping children at home when there are symptoms related to Govt-19.

Based on these recommendations, the provincial education minister, Adriana Lockrange, announced a new one Normal, Where all sports and course activities are offered without restrictions.

In June, we issued a guidance document so that school officials could schedule a return to school., Says Ms. LaGrange. This guide explains how to manage and prevent respiratory disease taking into account the overall well-being of students.

Dr. Hinsha emphasizes the importance of early vaccination to facilitate the start of the school year and allow for the removal of health restrictions.

Therefore all students from 7th to 12th class, teachers and other staff will be vaccinated in schools for convenience.

In addition, the government is providing more than $ 130 million to schools to meet the demands imposed by the epidemic. In particular, they can use this money to improve their ventilation system.

The minister says he wants to allow children and teachers Reunite with their friends and colleagues.

People were relieved, but still worried

Restrictions lifted for Leslie Cortes, a mother of three living in St. Albert Very severely. So she was released from the government.

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New Democrats (NPDKenny believes the government has failed to keep students, staff and families safe.

Public health decisions are guided by Jason Kenny’s political motives rather than professional public health advice. , Says a spokesman NPD, David Sheppard.

He fears that by the end of September Alberta will be in the same situation.

The NPD A month after the resumption of classes, Covid-19 is also reviewing the results of the detection, isolation and testing protocols.

This relaxation is a guideline document for the prevention and management of respiratory diseases in schools Incredibly concise , According to David Sheppard, will prevent informed decision-making by parents and school boards.

However, the NDP opposition is pleased to see the government making the vaccine available in schools NPD Has been in demand since July.

For his part, Eddie Long, chief emergency physician for the Coal Region, says it was a decision. Sensible and intelligent Suspend deregulation until September.

He says the delay will allow the monitoring of outbreaks of cases related to the delta type, and that maintaining test centers will prevent overburdening of physicians’ offices and primary care clinics.

According to emergency physician Joe Wipand, he has been campaigning for two weeks against the easing of health restrictions, which is half the battle. According to him, maintaining compulsory wearing of masks will continue to take more time to control the crowds and further reduce the number of cases such as the ban on eating inside.

⁇ [Faire de] Politics without a scientific basis is very dangerous.

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