March 29, 2023

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Amy Schumer shares an Instagram post about her son’s hospitalization with RSV

Three-year-old Jin, son of Comedian Amy Schumer And her husband, Chris Fisher, were both brought to the hospital for RSV while Schumer was on “Saturday Night Live” last week.

Schumer posted a video and series of photos from her week on the set of the show, sharing what goes on behind the scenes of her hosting the party.

“This has been the hardest week of my life,” Schumer wrote on Instagram. “I missed rehearsals on Thursday when my son was taken to the emergency room and accepted for an RSV. Shout out to all the parents going through this right now.”

according to CDC, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection It is “a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild cold-like symptoms.”

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Amy Schumer hosted “Saturday Night Live” on November 5 and shared an Instagram post about her son’s hospitalization due to RSV that occurred while preparing for the show.
(Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images)

According to the website, although most people get better within a week or two, it can be dangerous for infants and the elderly.

In her post, Schumer thanked the SNL team for their support during the week.

“I have to be with him all day in the hospital,” she said, “and the beautiful humans of @nbcsnl couldn’t have been more supportive.”

“My son is at home and better. The reason this show is so interesting isn’t the performance or the show itself. He spends time with the people there,” Schumer continued.

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The comedian expressed her appreciation for "SNL" crew on site.

The comedian expressed her appreciation for the “SNL” crew on her site.
(Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images)

Schumer hosted “SNL” Several times since it was first hosted in 2015.

The comedian concluded her Instagram post by saying thanks to some of the members of the “SNL” crew and the doctors and nurses who helped her son.

She said at the end of her post.

Amy Schumer shares Jane with her husband Chris Fisher.

Amy Schumer shares Jane with her husband Chris Fisher.
(Fraser Harrison/WireImage)

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Schumer came to host ‘SNL’ Among her comedies. Her last show on the tour was on December 10 in Los Angeles.