October 4, 2023

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Au Pied de Cochon is getting a makeover

Au Pied de Cochon is getting a makeover

Mark Putin (Photo: Courtesy)

Since opening its restaurant in Montreal in 2001, Au Pied de Cochon (PDC) has grown to include a sugar bush, a cider house and retail food.

However, each release developed distinct visual signatures, with no similarities between the different products. “We’re not that organized,” admits Marc Boutin, chef Martin Picard’s partner in this adventure. We had no idea we were going to end up with so many products.”

For example, Martin Picard, the company’s co-owner, explains that he likes to consult with those who have made him happy about the label.

“We realized that there was not a guideline,” he continues. The idea of ​​involving everyone more or less works. What we’ve done before has worked on a smaller scale, but not with nearly 40 products. After 22 years, it is time to review our visual identity and our brand image.

The PDC called on Sid Lee to standardize and update the design of its foods, such as condiments, pies, meat slices and sauces, which represent a quarter of its revenue. However, the display price list of its alcohols remains unchanged.

The brand logo, pig, colors, language and typography have been revised. Inspired by hunting vests, the color orange is at the heart of this new approach. Among others, it is a forest green, an apple red and is joined here and there by various shades of brown.

The deployment of these new labels will be phased in until the end of the year. He started with three maple syrups in March.

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Better marketing

This brand update is part of Au Pied de Cochon’s desire to better sell its products on the shelves of supermarkets and delicatessens.

“It’s important to have a great product and a good name, but it takes a business effort to support the marketing,” notes Mark Butin. “We’ve been doing that for about a year and a half.”

Reshaping the brand image is one of the components of PDC’s strategy to increase its sales. Another approach is to meet with customers.

“You can have the best products on the shelves, but if you’re not there, the products won’t sell,” says Mark Butin. For example, every Thursday and Friday this summer I go for walks with my BBQ in grocery store parking lots. Martin Pickard visited several SAQ branches to taste our minds. You have to taste to buy.

Cost control

The company, which employs more than a hundred people, has to deal with labor shortages during the sugar shutdown season. It is equipped to be very useful to avoid the problem.

In addition, it chose to control its costs and improve its margins. “In the restaurant, we decided to welcome fewer people, explains Marc Butin. Instead of 200 customers per evening, there are 130. The turnover is low, but the profit is good. This allows us to keep our employees and improve their quality of life, because the evening hours are shorter. We Same thing with sugar shack which serves 40% less people.

To ensure its growth, the company wants to increase its offering, especially by adding maple cream and additional sweets and pastries.

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“Martin is a great creator, says his partner. It’s stronger than him, he wants to add more!