September 28, 2022

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Balance of Leaders: Anglet is far ahead of the rest with $12.5 million

All party leaders have agreed to disclose their assets. QLP’s Dominic Anglade CAQ’s François Legault won the prize. The aspiring prime minister on October 3 has a net worth of $12.5 million.

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The Liberal leader and her husband, Helge Seitsen, have unregistered investments of $8.5 million in various businesses, a million in RRSPs, $209,000 in RSPs and $212,000 in TFSAs for a total investment of approximately $10 million.

Dominique Anglade also has three residences. A major one in Montreal worth $3 million, another in Vancouver worth $1 million and a condo she bought as a teenager worth $450,000. She rents out her condo and second home. The mortgage balance is $1.9 million.

After this deduction, the Anglade family net worth is $12.5 million

Less for Legault

François Legault is in second place. 4 years ago, the outgoing prime minister’s net worth was close to $10 million.

When he asked the public for the second time, Mr. Legault has $7.8 million in assets with his wife, Isabelle Price.

According to Cogeco, François Legault personally donated $1.5 million. Details of the donation were not disclosed by the politician. For this reason, Mr. Legault and Isabelle Price’s assets are lower than in 2018.

Documents provided by his team indicate that the CAQ’s chairman has $6.35 million in a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF).

The couple sold their Outremont home last year to buy a luxury condo on the island worth $3.2 million. The mortgage balance is $1.7 million.

The prime minister’s income is $479,500, which includes $219,500 in salary and $260,000 from his RRIF.

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Duhaime is unclear

Conservative leader Cogeco sent “difficult to verify parcel information”.

For his part, the Conservative leader says he has a total net worth of $3.74 million. He owns three buildings with $1 million in mortgages.

The first is valued at $805,000, the second at $387,000 and the last at $675,000.

Eric Duheim, who passed Paul Arcand’s microphone Tuesday morning, said the three buildings are not collecting any rent.

The Conservative leader is also believed to own a business worth $700,000. He will finally have $800,000 and $375,000 in investments in his checking account.

Accountant for PSPP

Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is the only leader to provide financial statements signed by a chartered accountant. Its total assets are estimated at $1.1 million, but net assets are more like $410,450 if mortgages, margin and loan balances are deducted.

For example, including $128,000 in salary from the Parti Québécois, his total income is $143,000. He has $98,000 in an account and $34,000 in Desjardins and $65,000 in FTQ. He has no foreign investment.

He owns three properties and land valued at nearly $930,000, including a private residence in Chateau-Richère ($95,000), a rental property in Quebec City ($525,000), another rental property in Montreal ($247,950) and land in Demiscaming. $60,000).

The mortgages on these properties totaled $693,000. This liability includes a credit balance of $8,500 and a credit line of $13,000.

GND raises the rear

The 32-year-old new dad co-owns a duplex in Montreal. According to Cogeco, his stock is valued at $297,000, with a mortgage balance of $252,336.

The salary of the President of the Parliament of Québec solidaire is $158,296.

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Including his TFSA of $18,991 and his National Assembly Pension Plan contributions of $40,630, Quebec Solidaire’s Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has net assets of approximately $104,285.

Manon Mass is worth $394,865

In collaboration with Marc-Andre Gagnon and Patrick Bellerose, Parliamentary Office