January 28, 2022

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Behind the scenes of “Green Trail” at the Green Party

The new green leader wanted a black woman – Velma Morgan of Ontario, who supported him during the leadership race – and was named party general manager.

Morgan did not miss the post, but the Federal Council – the party’s traditionally 18-member decision-making body – did not select her from its final list.

Annami Paul got angry when she heard this. She did not fade for several hours, Believes a source close to the leader.

Ms. Paul rejected many of our interview requests.

One of the members of the Federal Council at the time, Dana Taylor, justified his decision to appoint another white man. We chose someone with 30-40 years of experience more than Mrs. Morgan, Explains Samuel Moyson-Dom.

As denied by Annami Paul’s relatives, he denies that it was a choice rooted in formal racism. Former Consultant, Mr. in corporate management. Appreciates Taylor’s expertise, “useful” experience when party workers were in union activity.

Samuel Moyson-Dom acknowledges this appointment Affected the atmosphere And that there was A climate of despair From the beginning between the board and the head.

I think she had very high expectations and she felt that a leader was enough to hear her [quelque chose] Get it, but at the Green Party, that’s how it works, Mr. Says Moisen-Dom.

Environmental activist training works very differently from liberals, conservatives or the New Democrats. It is often said that among the Greens, the one who works for the party is the leader. The chairman is seen as the speaker of the members who elect the federal council, so there is more limited space for maneuver.

Former chef Elizabeth May There has been a share of frustrations with counseling in the past, Explains his longtime collaborator Debra Eindigure. But Annami did not know all this before taking the job.

Question about salary

When Annami Paul was appointed Green President on October 3, 2020. He was the first black leader to be elected to lead a federal party in Canada.

Photo: Canadian Press / Adrian Wilde

Domestically, in the fall of 2020, another sticky point emerges after the leadership race: the new employer’s salary. According to several sources, Annami Paul is a federal MP. This amounts to about $ 175,000 per year. Other than that, unlike his predecessor Elizabeth May, he did not hold a seat in parliament and therefore could not be paid by the general public.

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Prior to 2011, Ms May did not win her place in the Sanich-Gulf Islands, but was the Green leader. He received $ 70,000 a year from the party, Says former Federal Council member Samuel Moyson-Dom.

The members, however, were willing to give her a little more, but the gap between the wishes of the President and the Council was wide.

Mrs. May looks up, her mouth open, apparently disappointed.

Prior to being elected to parliament in 2011, former Green leader Elizabeth May paid the party, but up to $ 70,000.

Photo: Reuters / Kevin Light

Negotiations for the deal lasted several weeks. Discovered by Sean Yo, a close adviser to Ms Pauline who led her campaign in the October 2020 by-elections Unacceptable It took so long to paint this deal. In particular, during this period, Annami complained that Paul had not been paid, according to one source.

It was only when the leader threatened the party a few weeks before Christmas that her name and image could no longer be used in Green advertising materials, and finally the Central Council complied with her terms.

Sean Yo says he understands the Green Party is a democratic organization and leaves a lot of room for members at every end. On the other hand, he did not think we could dismiss the thesis Proper racism To the cook.

If she had come from a more privileged background I think she would have had more respect from some party members., He says, Ms Paul is a black woman of Jewish faith. He thinks his deal might have been Exhausted in a few days.

Tough relations with Quebec members

Mrs. Paul smiled and waved to the supporters.  It is located in the city of Toronto, surrounded by trees and buildings.  The Green organizers are coming with him.

Annami Paul is campaigning in Toronto. Some Quebec members of the party criticized him as “Toronto” for having a vision of Quebec and a debate between sovereigns and federalists.

Photo: Canadian Press / Christopher Katzarov

In addition to Annami Paul’s crisis-ridden relationship with the Federal Council, which completely slipped last year, her entire relationship with the party’s Quebec faction has soured.

The first conflict came in the autumn, when the block introduced a motion to apologize to Prime Minister Trudeau for the October 1970 crisis. Three Green MPs at the time – Elizabeth May, Paul Manley and Geneca Advin – voted in favor of the motion, but hours later the chief minister issued a statement opposing it.

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There was an unacceptable decision on his part. I began to doubt the ability of anonymous milk to understand Quebec and made an effort to understand it., Explains Councilor Daniel Green.

One source within the party, who has no authority to speak publicly about the problem, agrees: Annami Paul is still one Very Toronto and Binary View Quebec, there Good federalists On one side and Evil sovereigns Other.

According to several sources, the president did not want to recruit independent candidates, which caused problems when he persuaded the Quebec party’s landscape manager to run under the green banner.

The campaigner for the Sovereign Movement wanted to speak in person with the leader before confirming his candidacy, but his calls were Without answer, Who, according to Daniel Green, helped appoint him. Mr. Smart therefore decided not to attend.

Relations with the Quebec faction have already deteriorated in the past, but it was worse than anything during the Annami Milk era., Underscores the current leader of the division, Luck Jolie-Goyer. Communication with the chef was difficult or absent.

The famous Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Two politicians come to a press conference.

Dominic Leplank with Genica Advin. She was preparing to announce that she was leaving the Green Party to join the Liberal camp.

Photo: Canadian Press / Kevin Bissett

Good Tracking, As many in the country call it, came in May, when Annami adviser Paul Nova Chatsman condemned Green MPs Paul Manley and Geneva Advin for commenting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without mentioning them.

When Ms. Advin wrote on Twitter that it was necessary to put it End to racism in Israel And Mr. Manley described the situation Genocide, Mr. Zatzman promised on Facebook Work For that To do.

The sequel is well known: Jenica Advin walks across the room to join the Liberals. Federal Council Annami Paul Mr. In order to distance himself from the Judge’s comments, Ms. Advin and Mr. Manley also apologizes. The boss refuses to do that. The Board is initiating proceedings to reconsider its leadership, which is competing legally with Annami Paul and manages to suspend.

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Surprisingly, due to this crisis, donations from members are becoming scarce. By July, the party will have reduced a dozen internal positions to one-third of the staff.

Annami Paul asked the Federal Council for $ 250,000 to help fund its pre-campaign activities, which he refused before the election. We have no money to do that, Daniel Green notes, Otherwise we would have made more layoffs.

Election defeat

Annami Paul hugs someone at his election night rally.

Greens leader Annami Paul on the night of Monday, Sept. 20, at the Toronto-Center.

Photo: Canadian Press / Chris Young

Annami Paul, despite the reservations of some of her closest advisers, chose to represent herself at the Toronto Center, spending most of her campaign morning writing on stage.

We have no party support during the election, Says his assistant Victoria Gallia. If Annami had not written the podium every day, there would not have been one during this election.

Quebec faction calls for Annami Paul’s exit after full Israeli-Palestinian conflict Very disappointing Mrs. Paul is their close adviser to Sean Yo. It does not respect the processes in place, He mentions.

On September 20, the expected failure occurred. The Greens get only 2.3% of the popular vote, their worst score in 20 years. The chef finished fourth in the ride to the center of Toronto.

Basically, I think he wanted to become a leader to discuss public policy and participate in key discussions of ideas. But she may have underestimated how horrible everyday politics can be., Annami says a well-known source about Paul.

Like many at the party, Elizabeth Mayn’s Commander-in-Chief, Debra Eindicure thinks of her It is going to take many years, even several election cycles, to get back to where the Greens were a year ago.

Perhaps the biggest lesson to be learned from this turbulent year is for those who believe Annami Milk should succeed. In any case, this is the opinion of former consultant Samuel Moyson-Dom. We need to better explain the role of the leader of the Green Party So the candidates know exactly What are they doing.