November 27, 2022

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Bernard Trinville in 3rd Annex: Dissuasive Opinions for Experts

Urban transport experts were stunned by the statements of CAQ candidate Bernard Trinville in the third link.

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“It’s not very smart,” says Marie-Hélène Vandersmissen, director of Laval University’s Department of Geography.

According to him, it’s “wrong” to say we shouldn’t worry about greenhouse gases because cars will be electric once the tunnel is finished.

“We know that electric cars are demanding from an environmental point of view. »

Also, traffic congestion is likely to continue on the third link. “Electric vehicles, on the contrary, do not solve congestion problems. »

He recalled that the construction of new roads encouraged motorists to use their vehicles more.

Mrs. Vandersmissen is not discouraged by the tangent the traffic problem is taking in the nation’s capital. “We are in an election campaign and we are hearing many unfair things. […] It is less serious. »


For her part, ÉNAP’s Fanny Tremblay-Rasicot believes that Bernard Trinville is making outdated comments when he says traffic studies are not needed.

“This is how we have planned transport since the 1960s and 1970s. When there is congestion, we increase capacity, but that has a perverse effect in the medium term,” he underlines.

He says it is better to improve the existing network and establish efficient public transport before embarking on big projects.

The next generation

Dominic Villeneuve is encouraged by the reports of Bernard Trinville.

“The Third Link meets the needs of today’s commuters,” explains Laval University’s Assistant Professor of Transportation and Mobility.

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“But the next generation that I teach on a daily basis does not want to have a ‘tank’ in which to wait in traffic. It wants to have good public transport services and a cycle network that is useful all year round. »

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