June 7, 2023

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Black calls for a discussion of King Charles III

Ten days before the coronation in London, the Bloc Quebecois has called for a debate in good and proper form on the recognition of King Charles III of Canada.

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Received in a letter to Government House Speaker Mark Holland NewspaperBloc Québécois Alain Therrien is attacking part of Bill C-47, the biggest budget implementation.

“Hidden in this pile of measures, on page 325, the government introduces a measure that has nothing to do with the budget: it asks us to recognize King Charles III as sovereign of Canada,” said Black MP Mr. Therrien accuses. .

Bill C-47 was tabled last week and follows many of the Budget 2023 promises.

The article in question aims to replace the text of the Royal Titles Act with the name of Elizabeth II, who died last September, and that of her eldest son, who succeeded her.


In the view of the Bloc Québécois, this provision should be removed from the general budget implementation bill and subject to a separate debate in the House of Commons.

“I think it’s about transparency, to make sure there’s a discussion about the appointment of Charles III as king of Canada. It’s like swearing an oath to the king. I think it should be public,” says Alain Therrien, who says the monarchy is an “outdated” institution in an interview with Le Journal. considers

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All this comes at a time when the new king and the constitutional monarchy are being questioned in public opinion.

A majority of Canadian respondents (60%) oppose recognizing Charles as Canada’s king, according to data released Monday by the Angus Reid Institute.

The Unpopular Monarchy

Less than one in two of the country’s respondents approve of a symbolic motion put forward by the Bloc Quebecois in the fall, but promptly rejected, that would have required Canada to sever its ties with the monarchy. In Quebec the proportion rises to 66%.

According to Mr Therrien, the debate requested by his party will not have the effect of damaging or delaying the functioning of Parliament.

Since the death of Elizabeth II, “we are still operating […] We passed a lot of laws”, even though royal titles were not renewed.

In Canada, all laws require Royal Assent. This mostly coding process is done by the Governor General.