June 1, 2023

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Boats catch fire at the marina in Laval

Several boats caught fire early this morning at Marina BO-BI-NO in Laval’s Saint-François sector, while firefighters are searching for the cause of the incident.

Incendiés was called to the Laval field around 5 a.m. Sunday.

The head of operations, Steven Saint-Jacques, says 15 to 20 boats are involved. He assured that the fire is now under control.

“There are currently 50 firefighters at the scene,” he said.

“Operations are going very well. The fire is under control. We attacked the boats from the outside, and then we approach quietly, because it was very violent like fire from the beginning.

These are citizen-owned boats, most of which spend the winter and spring at Marina BO-BI-NO.


Mr. Saint-Jacques estimates he will have to spend a few more hours at the scene to bring the situation under control.


The cause is still under investigation at the time of this writing.


The Laval Fire Department is asking the public to avoid driving in the area.

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