September 25, 2023

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Booster Dose |  A new vaccination campaign targeting the elderly

Booster Dose | A new vaccination campaign targeting the elderly

(Montreal) Quebec health officials are launching another booster dose vaccination campaign against COVID-19 on Monday, first targeting people living in CHSLDs and private residences for the elderly (RPA).

Posted at 6:20 am.

The recommended interval between the primary vaccine and the first booster dose is three months or longer, but the recommended interval between each booster dose is five months or longer.

About ten days ago, the National Director of Public Health, Dr.R Luc Boileau announced that Quebec will intensify vaccination efforts against Covid-19 in the coming weeks. He warned that an increase in coronavirus cases in the fall is very likely once school returns.

Despite the pandemic fatigue, he asked people to be vigilant and take some precautionary measures. He stressed the importance of wearing a mask in crowded places, and physical distancing is difficult, requiring isolation for several days when symptoms appear and up-to-date vaccination.

Quebec Premier Fran├žois Legault received his fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine last Friday in Montreal. He encouraged Quebecers to follow his example, especially young people who are at low risk of serious illness. He told them that it was important to show solidarity and get vaccinated to reduce the spread of the disease, especially when they come across vulnerable people.

Prime Minister Legault said officials will soon provide an update on the next vaccination campaign, particularly the lowest vaccination rate seen so far among children.