January 28, 2022

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Boundary Reopening: Relief and Encouragement of the Business Community | Corona virus

This is good news because we see a plan coming out, Michael LeBlanc, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM), Connected to the phone. This will at least allow operators to plan, He adds.

But the announcement of the project has been delayed, he said. Too late for the travel industry, for example, can not welcome travelers before November, while for Michael LeBlanc, The season for Quebec is over. People travel to see the colors during the months of September and October. That is, we say that the travel period for 2021 has been canceled.

Mr. According to LeBlanc, it is from one to midnight for other parts of the tourism industry. We would have liked the announcement for July 21st. There, we talk in mid-August. It’s too late. As for the tourism sector, it is calculated every week.

Again, only U.S. travelers to be allowed in from next month. International visitors, especially from Europe, will have to wait until September. It’s too late than we’d like, Says the leader CCMM.

It also rejects the precautionary arguments put forward by the federal government to justify the late reopening of the borders.

This is not rational, He begs. He adds to it Public health organizations around the world have made it clear that you are not at risk if you are double-vaccinated.

According to him, we are ahead An unreasonable fear. Danger [d’une quatrième vague] Not tied to international travelers. They are going to be double vaccinated, and they are going to be tested before they leave and when they arrive. We are 100% protected. Probabilities [de contagions] Very weak, He argues.

We are paralyzed by fear. We do not recognize the public health of other countries who have concluded that travelers represent the lowest risk.

An excerpt from:Michael LeBlanc, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Metropolitan Montreal

A call Unity With the Department of Tourism

According to Michael LeBlanc, the costs of the epidemic and the sudden shutdown in the economy are particularly high for the tourism sector.

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While he acknowledges that the situation in Quebec and Ontario’s tourism-driven region has relatively recovered, he says big cities continue to suffer.

As we know, millions of foreign tourists come to the cities firstHe also mentioned that there was a risk that cities would lose out if the borders were closed before the major international conferences held in Montreal each year.

Chairman CCMM Inviting people Unity With workers in the tourism industry.

This year, we were told that we must be in solidarity with health workers to justify suspending operations. Today, I think the tourism industry is committed to unity.

An excerpt from:Michael LeBlanc, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Metropolitan Montreal

When asked to clarify his thoughts, Mr. Leplong added to itThis is not a question of comparing suffering Between workers in different sectors.

Overall, we need to look at our economies that have been severely affected. We need to be united in the field of tourism and catering. This puts the whole part of our economy at risk, he said.

I want to remind you, for whom it is more difficult, for whom [la situation] Not upgraded Despite the restructuring, he says.

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Hotel owners in Greater Montreal are pleased to have some options regarding the reopening of the Canada-US border, especially with regard to the recall of the labor package.

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Finally! Dave Hettles to Grand Montreal, President and CEO of the Association, said in an interview RTI morning Friday about the reopening of borders. This is in response to a request we made this week, which is highly predictable.

Forecast The word that was on everyone’s lips following the announcement last night. The Prime Minister’s Office has warned that Canada can only welcome travelers from other countries if the health condition permits.

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However, this star is of concern to representatives of tourism and economic circles. They are asking the government for a clear plan that will allow the recovery to be organized in an orderly manner.

We need confirmation, certainty and many more details, Asked Christoph Hennabell, Vice President of Human Resources and Public Affairs of Air Transat, over the microphone. All morning. Beyond yesterday’s announcement, Very important, According to him, It must have certainties.

It is important that the conditions that allow reopening are very, very clear and easy to follow so that we can prepare for it.

An excerpt from:தலைve Paré, President and CEO of the Association, des Hettels to Grand Montreal

The story is similar on the side of the National Airlines Council of Canada. In a press release, its chairman and CEO, Mike McGney, said Encouraged by the Prime Minister’s statement.

Our industry has repeatedly called on the federal government to release a comprehensive restart plan and deadline, and we expect the government to publicly confirm the details., He adds.

Details of the plan are expected to be announced by the Trudeau government early next week.