May 26, 2022

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Boylevre will replace the Governor of the Bank of Canada

A member of Carleton, who sees the debt crisis as the biggest threat facing Canada, repeated this surprising promise during a debate attended by all candidates for the leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party on Wednesday evening.CCP)

Asked how he would control inflation if he were elected prime minister, Mr. Boylevre has personally attacked the Governor of the Bank of Canada, whom he has often criticized in recent months.

By agreeingPrint moneyMr. McClellan Has allowed itself to become the ATM of this governmentLamented that. So I will appoint a new governor to replace him and he will restore low inflation policy [et] To protect the purchasing power of our dollar.

Report of Christian Noel

The proposal was badly received by Jean Charrest, he said. Called PoilievreIrresponsible Later in the discussion.

If you were an investor and heard reports like this, you would have to think you are in a third world country! We cannot have a leader who undermines trust in companiesSaid the former Prime Minister of Quebec.

Poilievre goes it alone in cryptocurrencies

Pierre Poilievre, who is considered a racing favorite, was unanimous against him on Wednesday over the cryptocurrency issue, accusing his opponents of encouraging Canadians to invest in more volatile currencies. Patrick Brown accused him of promoting him Internet magic money.

Although he is a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies, The concerned Chancellor replied that he did not encourage anyone to invest in them. However, he insisted that in his view these coins should not be banned.

People can make their own investment decisions, Poilievre said. I told them they had to decide independently whether or not to use bitcoins. I do not want to be like Communist China.

Pointing to the declining cryptocurrencies these days, Jean Scharest, who took the audience to work, replaced the iron on the wound. He stressed that those who follow his advice on YouTube would have lost 20% of their revenue. This is madness, this is madness!

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The last thing we need to do is encourage our parents, grandparents and vulnerable families to turn their life savings and pensions into something more risky.Patrick Brown added.

Patrick Brown and Pierre Boylevre on stage.

Like Jean Scharest, Patrick Brown maintains intense competition with Pierre Poilievre, who was particularly critical of Wednesday evening for supporting “illegal” sanctions last winter.

Photo: Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh

Roman Baber, he said to himself He was shocked to see industry politicians offering investment advice. According to him, the Conservatives should instead focus on key public policies such as balancing, which he wants to eliminate.

The first six party debate

The two-hour debate took place on Wednesday evening at the convention center in Edmonton, Alberta, where the militant base was located. CCP. The contest was moderated by former political journalist Tom Clark. About 1000 people had come.

There are many questions in the unusual form chosen Good to know Candidates (What book are you reading these days?; What kind of music do you listen to?; What was the last TV series you ate?) As well as a section with complex rules, such as a TV game show, where each candidate must use a small paddle to speak.

Jean Scharest uses a small plate to speak.

Jean Scharest took part in the game on Wednesday evening.

Photo: Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh

This is the first official leadership discussion. All six candidates are party-certified – Pierre Boylevre, Jean Scharest, Leslin Louise, Patrick Brown, Scott Itchison and Roman Baber – Participate in the rules set by the organizing committee to select the chairman.

This is the first time for Patrick BrownThe first unofficial debate was held last ThursdayThe mayor of Brampton wanted to stay out of the cameras and continue his recruitment campaign.

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Brown used his presence on Wednesday to stand alone on some issues, such as the war and settlement in Ukraine. In particular, he only proposed the imposition of a no-fly zone on Ukraine and begged Canada to welcome the more than 400,000 immigrants it received last year, a record.

Distribution management, which was decisive in the leadership competition of CCP In 2017, Wednesday evening also touched on the fact that only Scott Itsison and Roman Baber want to end this system which they believe contributes to inflation.

Jean Charest and Pierre Boylevre shake hands.

Jean Sarrest and Pierre Boylevre also shook hands on Wednesday evening.

Photo: Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh

The tone of Thursday evening’s debate was much less intense than it was last week, highlighting the rivalry between Pierre Poilievre and Jean Charest. The two even shook hands on Wednesday evening, which they had not done the previous week.

Separating lessons

The Conservative Party faced heated debate The release of Erin O’Dool in FebruaryEspecially regarding health measures to be taken to combat COVID-19 infection.

Most recently, Leak, U.S. Supreme Court Wade Leslie revived a practical abortion issue opposed by Lewis and dozens of Caucasus MPs.

Pierre Poilievre, for his part, tried to save the goat and cabbage on Wednesday evening, he said again. Legislation restricting abortion cannot be introduced or supported. I believe in freedom of choiceBefore adding that, after a while, he half-heartedly agreed [croyait] For free votes About this question.


Just hours before the debate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government announced more than $ 3.5 million in funding for programs to improve access to abortion. (New window)He denies that he deliberately wants to embarrass conservatives on this issue (New window).

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He also announced his intention to tighten the conditions for obtaining weapons for legal sale. (New window) – Another sensational topic in the race for Conservative leadership was Jean Scharest, who was singled out by his opponents for maintaining a gun record in Quebec that had been abolished by the Harbor government.

After the debate, the Liberal Party, Leading a minority government with NDP supportHe also issued a press release accusing the Conservatives of wanting Shake the foundations [des] Public companies, when dealing […] Gun control [et au] Women’s free choice.

In French in two weeks

The six candidates following Erin O’Toole will meet on May 25 for a second official debate. The event, which will take place in Laval, will be held in French – a perfect opportunity to see the fluency of chefs interested in Miron’s language. Other discussions may be arranged later.

The CCP The acting has been led by acting chef Candice Bergen since February. Like other party executives, he is barred from speaking out in favor of any particular candidate.

Of the 119 Conservatives elected to the Commons, 53 have pledged to vote for Pierre Boylevre; 13 to Jean Charest; 7 to Leslin Louise; 4 to Patrick Brown; And Scott Itchison1.

Elections According to the latest data from Canada, the MP for Carleton is also at the forefront of fundraising.

Six candidates on stage.

From left to right: Leslie Louise, Roman Baber, Jean Scharest, Scott Itchison, Patrick Brown and Pierre Boylevre.

Photo: Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh

Applicants have until June 3 to sell membership cards. The winner will be announced on September 10 Following the preference votes expressed by post this summer.