September 26, 2022

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Cabochon Band of the Year

A bunch of cabochons.

Sorry, there are no other words to describe the people at the helm of the Montreal Pride organization.


Cancel the same morning!

You have one year to plan the fashion show.

A year.

That’s your job. That’s why you get millions of dollars in grants.

To plan a parade.

One, not two.


That’s why thousands of people come from Quebec and all over the world.

Watch the Pride Parade in Montreal. Party City is internationally recognized for its exuberance and pride parade, one of the most exciting and festive in the world.

However, on the morning of the event, the social organizations that drag the devil by the tail hang their last flag on their metaphorical float.

Thousands of attendees who flock to Montreal dress up and enjoy themselves.

Ginette and Gérard put the last can of Coke in their cooler to cheer on the gay crowd at Sainte-Catherine in support of their grandson, who came out last week.

You declare that you are pulling a plugin… Because you forgot to hire the necessary personnel to ensure security of your event???

SOS the City!

Don’t even call the city of Montreal to ask for help!

It’s a cabochon from a cabochon!

It seems like the first thing that pops into your head when you realize you need volunteers, because instead of doing your job for a year, adding how many letters and numbers to LGBTQ2+ is your real job, the work you do. Granted crores, just call the Mayor on PC!

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The city is sure to help you, let’s see!

The Pride Parade is one of the main events in town!

One of his best commercials!

A golden business card!

Valérie Plante is sure to struggle like a motorist going round the streets of the Plateau!

But no.

Not even enough light to do that. “Hun, we don’t have enough staff, well, we have to cancel…”

In this case, calling them cabochons is an insult to cabochons around the world.

A new term must be invented.

A captain in the storm!

And Simon Gamache, general manager of Pride Montreal, has announced that he is not considering resigning!

“I think, in a storm, you need someone. For now, it’s me,” he was excited to say on Radio-Canada.

“It’s fundamental for us to make sure that everything we do is responsible to our communities,” Simon Gamache said when announcing his organization’s decision to ban police officers from participating in the march. Pride in the excuse that the SPVM is not sufficiently “inclusive”.


Are you kidding me, Mr. Gamache?