November 30, 2022

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Camille-Laurin | A former QS nomination contender called for a vote for the PQ

A former elected municipal official who lost the unity candidacy in Camille-Laurin against Marie-Eve Runcourt is now calling for a vote for Paul St-Pierre Plamenton. Suzy Miron, who filmed the candidate withdrawing and stealing the leaflet, believes we should return to the PQ to “avoid bringing up the CAQ”.

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Henri Ouellet-Vezina

Henri Ouellet-Vezina

In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, the former head of the Montreal city council confirms that he “sees enough positive” in the comments of the leader of the Parti Québécois to decide to “support him publicly”.

“We need to vote strategically to ensure at least an exit from the CAQ”, summed up Miron in an interview Pres. “Don’t waste your votes. I want to make sure my fellow citizens go to vote. My message is to vote PQ, even if there are things in their plan that annoy you. It’s the best option right now,” he says.

A few months ago, Suzi Miron lost Camille-Laur’s nomination by a few votes to Marie-Eve Runcourt, who was supported by the party’s co-spokesperson, Manon Massey. Activist Oliver Huard finished third.

Photo by Francois Roy, La Presse Archives

Marie-Eve Runcourt

Mme Miron said he hopes “the profession of faith will encourage many orphans in the neighborhood like me to strategically choose to vote to show more respect and consideration to the current government.” “We have the opportunity to vote for a member with a strong voice, more speaking time and visibility and, above all, even the Prime Minister cannot ignore,” insists the former councilor of Tétreaultville.

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Polls also say he doesn’t want a “backbencher” who would at the same time serve as “a doormat for Pointe-aux-Trembles minister Chantal Rowley.”

Paul St-Pierre Plamonton said on Thursday that the support “touches him greatly”. “We might have been enemies, but today, [Suzie Miron] He invites me to vote in the constituency. If the citizens of Camille-Laur will do me the honor of electing me, I promise to do so,” he argued.

When asked how she experienced the scandal involving the theft of Marie-Eve Rancourt’s pamphlet, Suzy Miron is cautious. “It’s a very sad situation. It’s not fair game, what she did was not right, but Marie-Eve remains a good person with good intentions. It was a big flaw on his part,” she admits over the phone.

“Voter Intelligence”

Earlier this week, Quebec’s parliament speaker Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois refused to recommend to his activists who to vote for. “We do not give voting advice to voters […]. I believe in the wisdom of the voters and let them choose,” he explained.

By announcing his resignation, Mme Rancourt, the party’s co-spokesperson, pointed out that “Marie-Eve does not want to become a hindrance to the Quebec Solidaire campaign.”

Mme Runcourt, a lawyer with a master’s degree in international law and international politics, had previously apologized on his Twitter account, noting that he was staying in the race. However, a second post on social media confirmed his resignation shortly after.

Today, Susie Miron says she is particularly concerned about citizens who “lost their vote” by preemptively speaking for the Unity candidate before the scandal broke. “I have friends I recruited as members of QS who voted for Mary-Eve. They are truly traumatized by their disenfranchisement. The call I make is also in their name,” she said.

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