July 4, 2022

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Cannabis: Candle anxiety in high schools

Fame Wax penA type of cannabis vapor in Quebec schools is causing concern among many players in the community who would not hesitate to describe the event as a “whip”.

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Kathleen Legalt, president of the Montreal School Principals’ Association, says “this is a real scourge in high schools.”

Unlike a normal joint, the Wax pen Does not create odor and is almost undetectable.

The active product of cannabis is MMe Legault says this is most common in high schools in the Montreal area. We have seen instances where devices are inserted into the wall between electronic tablets and cell phones.

On request Registration, He consulted on his network to find out the extent of the damage caused by this webpage. Most middle schools are affected. The incident of having to be taken by ambulance following the loss of consciousness of a young man is very serious.

Not fitted

The same story is on the Quebec Association of School Management staff page, which brings together 700 companies from Langu to Riviere-to-Loop.

“We are hearing more and more utility cases Wax pen In high schools “, its president Carl Ouellet summed up.

According to two executives, the school system does not have the wherewithal to deal with the waves of these illegal products available on the black market on the Internet. MMe Legault has called for a strong campaign in collaboration with Quebec’s Ministries of Health and Social Services and Education. “This is a public health problem!”

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In this case, the Direction de santé publique du Québec says it is a “problem”. [ministère] Takes very seriously and meticulously monitors “and in this regard” information and awareness tools “are being developed.

Audrey-Ann Lecours, who is in charge of prevention at schools in Action Toxicomanie in Victoria, acknowledges the increase in cases during the year-end holidays, and this is conducive to new experiences.

“By doing nothing, we are trivializing this product of losing consciousness and being admitted to the hospital. We must act now,” he said.

Fresh and dangerous

“It makes us very worried because young people are not aware of the dangers of this product,” said Elizabeth Lapoint, director of the Quebec Drug Center.

She regrets that this product, which can only be found on the black market, is three times larger than the legal size.

“We have carried out effective campaigns to build our seat belts. Why not do campaigns to curb drug use? She finishes.

An illegal device

Candle (Wax Because of the product structure, the wax is reminiscent and Pen (Similar to pen) has a cannabis concentration of up to 98%. No legal product contains more than 30% THC.

In Quebec, the minimum age to buy cannabis legally is 21. In addition to creating a serious risk of drug addiction – it can lead to toxic mental illness – Wax pen Pro can reduce age.

The Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC) is the only one authorized to sell cannabis and its derivatives, its spokesman Frederick Kiquare recalled.

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“For health reasons, no cannabis-based vaping product is legally sold in Quebec,” he notes. Buying outside of SQDC, online or in person, is illegal.

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