October 1, 2022

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CAQ: Anything to retain power

All the commentators, for some time, have been trying to figure out what is going on in the head of Franசois Legault.

Is he sovereign as he progresses wearing the mask?

Or a nationalist federalist who believes he can gain new powers from Ottawa?

If bills 96 and 21 hit the wall in Canadian courts, what would he do? No one really knows.

Everyone guesses, guesses, guesses.


To make the “Guess what’s going on in the PM’s head” game even more interesting, I suggest the third option.

François Legault’s Nationalism What is another marketing stunt?

If our Prime Minister is branding the cause of nationalism, does he know that it is getting harder?

What does it say to the Cubs?

Does it allow him to be present at the polls?

A few days ago, I asked my colleague Philip-Vincent Fossi from QUB Radio what a quiz is.

“Are you a federalist? Come to the CAQ! Are you a sovereign? Come to the CAQ! Do you want Rule 21? Come to the CAQ! Are you against Rule 21? Come to the CAQ! Are you up for a third link? Come to the CAQ! Opposed to the third link? Come to the CAQ!

What is Coudonc, CAQ? ⁇

Philip-Vincent’s answer: “It’s power, that’s all”.

In short, the regime must last.

Need a tax cut? Well, we give it to you!

Need a law to protect the French language from going too far? Well, we give it to you!

To sum up the Rolling Stones, we did not provide the Cubs with what they needed.

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We give them what they want.

After ordering a survey.

With CAQ sauce

In the will I propose, Franுவாois Legold would not be a sovereign or a federalist, but rather an opportunist.

Nationalism with coquettish sauce for children in nursing homes, the Blue Basket, four-year-old kindergartens and lap-school schools would be another patent.

You need nationalism Light, What gives the impression of being a little more master at home without any risk?

Vote for the CAQ!

We are not sovereigns or federalists, on the contrary!

We are like tofu: we are neutral.

Do you place broccoli near a slice of tofu? The tofu slice tastes like broccoli!

Did you put the same piece next to the mango? Tastes like mango!

The CAQ is a brief sketch, you can see what you want to see.

When you look at the painting from the front it will be red.

But when viewed from the side it will be blue.

There is something for everyone in the CAQ!

We pass the guitar on the plan of the other parties!

Does Justin Trudeau say Canada is a “post-nationalist” country?

CAQ is a “post ideological” party!

Without plan

That said it’s a theory.

I have no idea what’s going on in the head of Franசois Legault more than you do.

Maybe he’s improving.

Without plan. No target.