December 10, 2023

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Caroline St-Hilaire at OIF: A Maurice Duplessis candidate, says PLQ

Caroline St-Hilaire at OIF: A Maurice Duplessis candidate, says PLQ

The candidacy of former CAQ candidate Caroline St-Hilaire for the executive post of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) proposed by the Legault government was a partisan appointment worthy of another era, condemning Quebec Solider and the Quebec Liberal Party.

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As first reported by Le Devoir on Tuesday, our parliamentary office has confirmed that Quebec’s choice to fill the OIF’s second seat has settled on the former mayor of Longueuil.

The CAQ star candidate lost the most recent provincial election in Sherbrooke, Caroline St-Hilaire.

Photo archives, QMI Agency (ANDRÉANNE LEMIRE)

The CAQ star candidate lost the most recent provincial election in Sherbrooke, Caroline St-Hilaire.

Another candidate proposed by the Trudeau government will also run.

On January 25, Le Journal reported that Mme Saint-Hilaire was seriously considered for the post of Quebec representative general in Barcelona.

In an exchange of text messages, the key person involved responded with “nothing to confirm or deny.” The opposition strongly condemned this hypothesis.

Marc Tanguay and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois are furious that this time, despite being a candidate, the OIF’s secretary-general, Louis Mushikiwabo, will have the last word.

Tanguay and GND were furious

“During the time of Maurice Duplessis, we called it favoritism and appointed people on the right,” the interim leader of Quebec’s Liberal Party denounced at a press conference.

Mr. Prime Minister Francois Legault did exactly what he had criticized the Liberals for when he was in opposition. Tanguay criticizes

“He denounced it loud and clear. François Legault is doing the same thing today,” said Mr. Tanguay, who vowed that his party would no longer make partisan appointments if he was in power. “No, no, absolutely,” he vowed.

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The member for LaFontaine criticizes the CAQ for making “a deal” with Ms St-Hilaire so she could run in Sherbrooke in the last election.

“To star candidates, we can’t say in quotes: Don’t worry, we’ll nominate you if you’re a defeated candidate. […] This is unacceptable in 2023,” said Mr. Tangue considers.

“What I see this morning is that in the CAQ we don’t really lose our elections. Even if we lose them, we win,” commented the Quebec solidaire parliamentary leader.

“Madame Saint-Hilaire did not succeed in expelling Christine Labrie at Sherbrooke. No matter, a year later he still has a good job. It reminds us of the great Liberal years,” said Mr. Nadeau-Dubois added.

“This is not a direct appointment, although it is a partial appointment. It is proof that the CAQ is a transactional party. »

PQ mentions “a breakthrough”.

For his part, PQ MP Joël Arseneau sees “an improvement” in Ms St-Hilaire’s candidacy for the OIF compared to the rumor of her nomination that sent her to Barcelona.

A few weeks ago, the PQ launched a motion asking the National Assembly to “give priority to talent in its appointments,” regardless of membership in a political party.

“I think this proposal worked: instead of making him a political appointment to find a hiding place, we decided to present his candidacy,” said the MP for Îles-de-la-Madal.

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