October 1, 2022

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Carpentier case: Quebec orders public hearing

From the heart of Amelie Lemieux came a cry from Minister Gilbold “from mother to mother”: Quebec has ordered a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Nora and Romy Carpentier.

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“I saw her talking to me through the media to make sure I could convince her of her questions by asking for a public hearing,” Public Defense Minister Genevieve Gilbold said Wednesday.

The minister underscores that he is already “reflective” after the report of the event InvestigationIt revealed failures in Sûreté du Québec’s research after two sisters went missing in the summer of 2020.

Genevieve Gilbold made his decision after the release of Amélie Lemieux on Radio-Canada on Monday, calling for a “mother-to-mother” to launch a public inquiry to shed light on the disappearance and murder of her ex-daughters. Husband, Martin Carpentier.

Although the two women have not met, the minister says he is “ready to do so.” “If she wants to talk to me, she can reach out to me, that’s for sure,” says Genevieve Gilbold.

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“Stop lying to me”

In response to the news, the girls’ mother said she was relieved but “could not breathe” because she had to “beg” for such an intervention to finally find out the truth.

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“Let them stop lying to me and bring the truth. I believe I have a right and my daughters deserve it,” said Amelie Lemieux, who stressed that the police “could not filter such important information.”

The grieving mother, who has been fighting for the truth for more than a year and a half, says she is doing this for her daughters and people, and hopes that no other family can recover from such tragedy.

“I do not want a parent to go through such a situation again. I want us to learn from our mistakes. I want everything that happened to come out. We can learn from it and then improve our interventions.


In the confusing facts revealed by Investigation, A promising front was abandoned for 24 hours and the Quebec Police Department was denied assistance. In addition, the ground research units were in a complete overhaul.

“The purpose of the public inquiry is to establish the circumstances of the death and, if necessary, to make recommendations for the avoidance of other deaths,” Minister Gilbold commented.

Chief Coroner Mr.And Pascal Deskary, will lead the mission.

However, the minister wanted to make a promise. Currently, he assures, “the police have the capacity and capability to manage these situations.” “There are so many missing incidents every year and thankfully, most of them have a happy ending,” he said.