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Changes promised to players of fate tired of reworked content

Changes promised to players of fate tired of reworked content

Seraph's main season art shows an Exo ominously watching the Guardians race through the same recycled content over and over again.

picture: bungee

Destiny 2His final season kicked off live earlier this week, and players are already feeling it Very shocked about it. In many ways, it just feels like a remake of the same hamster wheel we’ve been working on for years, and burnout is more real than ever. The good news is that Bungie says it hears the feedback. The bad news is that this MMO space oil tanker will take almost a year to complete Destiny 2 to turn in a new direction.

“I just wanted to step in and say: Listen loud and clear for the feedback with this season’s backbone,” Game Director Joe Blackburn, chirp yesterday. “The team is excited to put some creative risks into Seasonal Graduations, but it will be a while before feedback catches up to the development cycle.”

went to Preview the types of upcoming changes Players can expect to help revive the five-year-old loot shooter. Some, like Guardian Ranks and Cyberpunk city Neomuna, will arrive in February’s big new expansion, Lightfall. Others, like new systems for seasonal progression and “setting up more new activities.”[s]“On the seasonal pursuit side, our primary focus is reducing complexity and improving synergy between your seasonal pursuits and the rest of the game,” Blackburn wrote.

Although the comments are ambiguous and enticing, they are directed at very real feelings of frustration and exhaustion in my life fate social communication. Since Bungie has moved away from separate DLC updates to the Constant seasonal labour Funded by battle passes and microtransactions, the game has benefited from a steady stream of new content, but has also had a hard time breaking new ground.

Every new season You start with a story mission. Players then obtain a seasonal artifact, and upgrade it by grinding new seasonal activity, slowly unlocking new seasonal mods, power-ups, and battle pass ranks. Story content and upgrade progress are restricted from week to week. By about the eighth week, the narrative ends until the final story drops sometime near the end of the season. Then Groundhog Day begins again.

It was fine in the first expansion, but with each new season arriving with a flashy new character, but minimal changes to the core structure, everything started to wear out. Story and guns great. Everything connects them He pulled. You have reached the limit during summer. A growing chorus of other players is starting to show up fed up lately. Destiny 2 hit her Lowest number of players in the last monthAnd despite the new content to dive into with Season of Seraph, player morale is still pretty low.

lightfallAs Blackburn hints, it will undoubtedly change people’s moods. 2022 witch queen I was Exceptional in many ways, and next year’s expansion looks very promising so far, complete with overhauled social features and a new magical grappling hook. But the seasonal mod was meant to make the game feel fresh all year long, not just for the few weeks after a new DLC is released. While the iterative, clipped approach Bungie has taken so far is understandable from a production standpoint, it’s clear that upcoming seasons need to take more risks if they’re going to survive.

Although it looks like it might take a while for that to happen. “There’s still freshness, thematic diversity, and new ways to advance your next character fate Over the next several months’ Blackburn chirp. “But as we work on using this feedback in our future releases, I wanted to make sure everyone knew your words didn’t fall on deaf ears.”

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