January 29, 2023

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Photo by Oliver Jean, La Presse Archives

François Legault is the leader of Alliance Avenir Quebec in 2018

Stephen Laporte

Stephen Laporte
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This weekend, chefs and cooks all have the same dream.

Published at 7:00 am.

Patrice Roy’s voice interrupts the analysts: “At 8:42 p.m., Radio-Canada predicts that if this trend continues, the next Quebec government will be formed by the Parti Québécois! Paul St-Pierre Plamondon already has big eyes, but there, his eyes get bigger and he turns into a character from Les Tets à Claps. It won’t come back! A month ago, PQ’s death was predicted. Here he became Premier of Quebec. He suddenly wants to light a cigarette. Affirm in a muffled voice: “Pondans! I have never been more proud to be a Quebecer! »

Pierre Bruneau’s voice takes on a solemn tone: “At 8:50 p.m., the TVA network announces that the next government of Quebec will be formed by the Liberal Party! Dominique Anglade gets up and starts dancing like Shakira. There’s no stopping her! She’s won the race. Revive her old party. Lady Happy! Excuse me! Madame Anglade Very happy !

Michel Perer’s voice trembles a little: “At 8:52 p.m., Nuovo predicts that the next government will be formed by Quebec solitaire! Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois flashed a small crooked smile. Manon Massey kissed her on the mouth. Then he stands up proudly. His State President speech is ready. Already for 10 years.

The voice of a Radio Quebec anchor is played: “At 8:58 p.m., Radio Quebec announces that the next government will be a government of the Conservative Party of Quebec! Eric Duheim gasps. His dog Mia walks around as his master regains consciousness. His supporters chant “Freedom” and carry him in triumph! The age of criticism is over. It was his turn to lead.

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François Legault, this dream, he already did it four years ago. Since then, the dream has become a reality. And it’s very complicated. Especially if you want to win again. And widely. He dreams that trend will continue until the end. can continue.

The other four leaders did not need to win to claim themselves as winners. Expectations are very low.

If Québec solidaire maintains its achievements, or even slightly increases them, it will be the beginning of an era of change. If the PQ doesn’t disappear and has more elected officials than its leader’s surnames, it will do better than expected. If the PLQ retains all its dark red blocks, it will have a base to rebuild. If the PCQ does well in the polls, it will establish its durability. So Monday night’s election results are likely to look like radio ratings results. Everyone wins! like a A school of fans.

That said, there will still be one winner who wins over the rest. But we knew before the election campaign started. Being the only variable to measure the success of CAQ. Bigger than expected? It would be amazing. As expected? Always possible. Less than expected? Very possible. It’s Monday Suspense. One is needed. We have been preparing for this moment for 36 days. Don’t publish everything already.

After all, election night is like a Super Bowl. We sit in front of our screen, as a gang, with arrangements. Arranged to wake up late. Like the Super Bowl, it often settles in the first quarter. At 8:30pm, we Click In hockey. what It may be. The Canadiens play against Toronto at the Bell Centre. It may be the rivalry of the season, but political pundits have to paint to avoid looking at the score.

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Whatever the circumstances on Monday, let’s hope all leaders are grateful to their constituencies and respectful to the voters who elected their rivals.

If there’s a time to think about Quebec as a whole, not just its supporters, it’s when the people are talking. Don’t forget that He is leading. Never believe that he is leading.

Happy election!

I want you to beat them all, it’s impossible.

But I believe that these chefs’ tours to the four corners of Quebec, lasting more than a month, were not only to make their dreams come true, but above all to make ours come true.