December 10, 2023

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Children with special needs: Opposition angered by Minister Roy’s remarks

Children with special needs: Opposition angered by Minister Roy’s remarks

Radio-Canada executives revealed CPEParents and staff at the Early Childhood Network are calling for major changes in support assistance aimed at integrating children with special needs such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Suzanne Roy said on the sidelines of a caucus meeting Thursday CAQThe amount provided is sufficient to integrate children with special needs into the child care network and Dissatisfaction Attached is a time frame for disbursement of money.

We are looking at how we can go fastersaid the minister.

In 2022, child care services are available only half an hour Exceptional level of support requested. This financial assistance makes it possible to provide for a child One to one, i.e. a regular educator. This is necessary when a child has behavior that is dangerous to himself or others.

Both the administrative burden and the funding shortfall were pointed out in three recent reports sent to the Ministry of Families, a copy of which was obtained by Radio-Canada.

These are in addition to other reports going in the same direction, including the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Institute appointed by the Legault government in 2021.

For now, no action in the budget tabled Tuesday or in the ongoing sector reform provides a response to demands from day care services to this effect.

When the minister says the money is there, he is out of touch, launched by Liberal MP Jennifer McCarron. This mother of two autistic children has been trying to improve access to daycare for children with special needs since 2018 because she herself experienced denials.

This is the obstacle. When we deny families day care centers, we make their mental health worse, their finances worse, and that’s very difficult. »

A quote Jennifer McCarron, Member of Parliament for Westmount-Saint-Louis and mother of two autistic children

There is not enough money to take care of these children and that is unacceptableFor his part, said Sol Zanetti, spokesperson for Quebec solider for the family.

The finance minister said this week that the state’s essential jobs have been secured. We see that this is not true!The elected representative of the province of Quebec objected.

Sol Zanetti gives an interview to Radio-Canada on the porch of the National Assembly.

Sol Zanetti, spokesman for the second opposition family group

Photo: Radio-Canada

The Parti Québécois is of the opinion that it is essential for the department to improve the financial support provided to day care centers and to ensure that the diagnoses made by health professionals are representative.

According to a report by Radio-Canada, daycare centers base their claims on referrals from professionals such as psychologists or physiotherapists.

However, independent advisory boards review these claims and decide the amount of money awarded to each daycare service under the current competitive points system in the early childhood sector.

The family’s PQ spokesman, Joel Arceneau, denounces the aid Clearly not enough For children with Big needs.

The Parti Québécois is also asking the government Stop sinking towards the centralization of waiting listsRegarding future admission policies planned for 2024.

An unprecedented crisis

The Union of Quebec Service Employees (SQEES-FTQ) condemns the lack of funding that affects some of Quebec’s most vulnerable children. Considering the exhaustion of companies and workers working in the sector, the union notes An unprecedented crisis that deprives children with special needs of essential support.

After presenting possible solutions to fix the blockage in the context of consultations with the provincial authorities, Mr SQEES-FTQ It is regrettable that the CAQ government then sought a private firm for advice.

It is absolutely ridiculous that the Minister sent a report from an outside agency to de la fame that cost taxpayers $85,000 and the solutions are academics. We worked hard on the consultation table to come up with similar suggestions, but in more detail and at zero cost. »

A quote Marie-Claude St-Pierre, Responsible for National Early Childhood Negotiations at SQEES-FTQ

It’s time for the Ministère de la Famille to roll up its sleeves and use our solutions. The health of educators and children depends on itHe added in a press release.

Despite the urgency of the situation, The SQEES-FTQ The Legault government did not understand Not even a cent has gone up Assistance to Children with Special Needs in Budget 2023-2024

By refusing to increase the budget allocated to early childhood centers for children with special needs, the government is playing Russian chicken with the future of our most vulnerable children.Mrs. St-Pierre insisted.

Quebec’s Confederation of Early Childhood Workers (FIPEQ-CSQ) is disappointed that the budget tabled Tuesday lacks additional money to support children with special needs.

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Describing testimony given to Radio-Canada worrythere FIPEQ Asking for an increase in the present stipend.

Financial and human resources must be sufficient to support all these children, and this, without affecting the health of workers in the early childhood network, who are already experiencing overwork.Valérie Grenon, president of FIPEQ.