September 23, 2023

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Confessions of an Ex-Hitman: Panic in Organized Crime

Confessions of an Ex-Hitman: Panic in Organized Crime

Prominent players in Quebec, accused of organized crime by ex-hitman Frédéric Silva, fled the country after learning the latter was cooperating with police.

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Authorities have identified members of the Montreal mafia and people associated with Hells Angels bikers among travelers who went abroad this summer without returning home, our Bureau of Investigation has learned.

Frédérick Silva was placed under police protection and taken under police protection in a Sûreté du Québec (SQ) helicopter, police sources confirm that one of them left Canada on a flight within a week of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) helicopter. .

Silva in a video circulating in March 2013.

Archive photo

Silva in a video circulating in March 2013.

Several Hells were exiled abroad prior to the 2009 SharkQ action, when their former colleague Sylvain Boulanger turned his jacket to cooperate with the SQ.

“There are robbers who must be condemned Madness Fearing that Silva will file a complaint with the police. All those who supported his murders are certainly concerned. There may be some who push each other, even if their run costs them a fortune,” commented retired investigator Roger Ferland.

“Important” work

This was reported by our intelligence unit yesterday Silva’s statement to SQ and Montreal police Help solve dozens of murders.

Our sources indicate that the impact of the Terrebonne killer’s revelations would be “huge” compared to that of informant Gerald Gallant, who confessed to 28 murders, including 28 on behalf of the Rock Machine and West Country gangs. Biker War.

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But according to Roger Ferland, who investigated a dozen of Gallant’s murders for Quebec police in the 1990s, the police’s work was just beginning.

The police must dissect every detail of the statements given by Silva and try to find corroborating elements in the investigative methods or police files to verify each line. It’s important and difficult work that takes months,” he explained, ex-Hells Angels Dale Fredette who did this training for Operation SharQc when he became an informant.

found with victims

Maggot and mastiff survey projects carried out between 2013 and 2015 may support Silva’s statements.

Police discovered the former attacker was dating several big names in organized crime, some of whom were gunned down.

A surveillance camera captured Silva shooting at mafioso Salvador Scopa in Terrebonne in 2017.

Archive photo

A surveillance camera captured Silva shooting at mafioso Salvador Scopa in Terrebonne in 2017.

Specifically, they saw him in restaurants or in luxury vehicles with at least two high-profile traffickers who were later killed and whose murders remain unsolved. They were Alejandro Ivan Silva Sánchez, a cocaine importer linked to Mexican cartels, and Caden Sevigny, a close friend of Helles who ran a drug-dealing network in Montreal’s northern crown.

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