March 30, 2023

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Conservative leader Eric Duhaime raided “some” elected officials

During a press conference in Quebec City on Wednesday, Mr. Duhaime was asked about his experimental efforts, where Marie-Louise Tardif was talked about leaving the caucus. CAQ.

Among the elected officials are Mrs. He indicated that Tardiff had not been in touch and that he was waiting to clear the Sûreté du Québec of the threats and intimidation charges against him before approaching him.

Her clarity on this story is important to her and to us. I think this is the first step before speaking. »

A quote Eric Duhaime, leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party

Road to the National Assembly

Succeeding in attracting a member to its ranks would throw the doors of the National Assembly wide open and allow the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) to express itself particularly in the blue chamber.

From the moment we are blocked from all access, the only option left is to attract a mateHe argued. It is solid on medium and long term basis. [ne pas avoir de député] Makes an impact.

Chairman of PCQ He said on Wednesday that he had already spoken to Michel Tardif, the brother of Marie-Louise Tardif, the Conservative candidate in Bellechasse at the last election.

A less restrictive structure with PCQ, says the leader

He hinted that he might offer more to Madame Tardif VisibilityA Great position And this Freedom of speech.

If I believe what he said during the last election campaign, I understand that he does not have much freedom of expression in the CAQ. »

A quote Eric Duhaime, leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party

Marie-Louise Tardif, representing the riding of Laviolette-Saint-Maurice, was critical. CAQ During the election campaign, backbenchers were told that this party could exist Very restrictive and restrictive.

On October 3, the PCQ Mr. Duheim won 13% of the vote, but did not elect a running mate.

In 2021, he succeeded in recruiting Claire Samson as MP for Iberville. CAQ Because he had donated to Eric Duheim’s group.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Eric Duhaime, and Claire Samson, then a member of the Coalition Avenir Quebec. (file image)

Photo: The Canadian Press/Jacques Bossinot

There are always disappointed people in companies. Whether in the ruling party or the opposition, in politics, all kinds of frustrations are common. Mr. Duhaim observed.

No discussion with Yuri Chasin either

On Wednesday, he had kind words for Yuri Chacin, the CAQ MP for Saint-Jerome, who is currently piloting a file of private mini-hospitals.

This is Someone I have known for a long time [et] Philosophically a conservativeHe declared, although he noted that he never had Discussions with him.

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