October 1, 2022

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Conservative Party leadership | Candidate promises to expose ‘vaccine wounds’

(Ottawa) The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)’s backbencher MP has vowed to launch an investigation into the COVID-19 epidemic.

Released at 6:47 p.m.

Stephanie Taylor
Canadian Press

Mark Dalton, a two-time Conservative MP from British Columbia, speaks Medis and French and says he entered the leadership race because he felt he had to.

“I do not need $ 300,000 at the moment,” he admitted, referring to the amount candidates must pay to enter the CCP leadership race.

I hope it comes, he said.

Prior to becoming a federal MP, Mark Dalton was a provincial deputy from British Columbia, but was under the colors of the Liberal Party. He describes himself as a risk taker, which he says is courageous.

Commenting on the ballot paper used by the party to elect its leaders, he said, “Winning is not necessarily optional.

“It’s important to have second and third choices,” Dalton said.

Mark Dalton announced his candidacy in a short video posted on social media, where he showed himself in front of the House of Commons film in the background.

He is the fourth MP to run for the presidency of the Conservative Party in the country after Erin O’Toole, following in the footsteps of Pierre Boylevre, Leslin Lewis and Scott Itchson. He is.

Other candidates are in the running, including former Quebec Prime Minister Jean-Zarrost.

Dalton promises that if elected by Conservative activists, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will launch a national investigation into the Govt-19 epidemic to look into the cost of vaccinating people.

He says the investigation will also look into what the government knows about what he calls “vaccine-related injuries.”

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Nevertheless, health experts around the world say that vaccines against the new corona virus are safe and a very effective tool to prevent hospitalization.

According to Health Canada, adverse side effects can occur, but they are relatively rare. It continues to release data on this matter and of the more than 81 million doses administered to date, there are reports of approximately 8600 side effects that can be considered serious.

Mark Dalton, Conservative MP for Pit Meadows-Maple Ridge, points out that citizens are concerned about the adverse reactions to the Govt-19 vaccine and that a family member has had a bad experience.

Mr Dalton says he experienced side effects after his first dose, including difficulty walking. He received his second dose, but did not want to receive the booster dose.

After all, the Conservative MP says he is not opposed to the vaccine.

The handling of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government’s Govt.

Pierre Boylevre called for an end to all orders relating to Govt-19. Roman Baber, an independent MP in Ontario, asked this after the provincial chief, Doug Ford, was expelled from the Caucasus for speaking out against prison.

When asked what sets his message about the epidemic apart from other candidates, Mr Dalton was the only MP to speak out about “vaccine injuries”.