January 29, 2023

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Cousin of unarmed hell

Although he has no criminal record, says he sold his motorcycle and no longer belongs to a motorcycle gang, the Hells Angels cousin loses his gun license.

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On November 15, Ghislaine was dismissed by the Ringette Court. He sought to overturn the Chief Fire Officer’s decision to revoke his gun licence.

In December 2020, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) revoked the licenses of 11 members of sympathetic motorcycle clubs and seven members of the Hells Angels supporters club, including Ringette. Pres.

The resident of Sept-Îles was an active member of the Devil Soldiers, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from Hells.

Show its colors

According to SQ, the 59-year-old was spotted with a “Support 81” logo on his jacket during a motorcycle ride in support of the Hells Angels.

8 stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet H and 1 for the first letter of the alphabet A.

“Showing one’s allegiance by wearing items that identify oneself as a member of the Hells Angels or support them brings a certain intimidation power by the wearer and facilitates the commission of criminal offenses,” SQ Patrice’s analyst pointed out. Boucher.

The Devil Soldiers are not an “outlaw motorcycle gang” but a “biker gang-style organization”. [Hells Angels] And who supports [Hells Angels] “, he noted.

However, two former Devil soldiers are now members of the Quebec City Red Devils, Hell’s Academy Club.

lead in his marriage

At Ringette’s wedding in July 2020, at least two Hells Angels members were seen in good spirits.

His cousin, Mark, attended the portage celebration. Arrested and charged with murder during Operation SharkuC, he was on Quebec’s ten most wanted list for several years.

At the head table was Alexandre Maltois, a member of the Quebec chapter since 2017.

Ringuet was seen with her cousin Hells Mark Portage.

Archive photo

Ringuet was seen with her cousin Hells Mark Portage.

past time

During his trial in May, Ringuet said he was not a member of the Devil Soldiers, that he had sold his motorcycle and had nothing to do with members of the Hells Angels.

“There must be a two-year period in which nothing has been observed before an individual’s activities can be concluded that they no longer have any connection with outlaw motorcycle gangs,” the SQ states.

Ringette last wore the Support 81 logo in April 2021.

– With Eric Thibault, Bureau of Investigation

Other similar cases

  • In 2018, a member of the Hells supporters club Patriots 1837 MC failed to convince a judge to return his gun license. Jackie said Lechasser has no criminal history and is no longer a member of the group.
  • Marc Alarie, Alain Charrette and Walter Leszczynski unsuccessfully tried to challenge the Chief Gunner’s decision in 2019. Judge Thierry Potvin says it is “disturbing” that these Rebel Riders members are wearing the Support 81 patch.
  • An ex-serviceman went to the Court of Appeal last year to recover his licence, but to no avail. Thomas Collins was a member of the “Capital City” fraternity, a top 10 club of Hells Angels supporters.