May 26, 2022

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Curfew in Quebec: Secretly held ethical opinion unfavorable | Corona virus

This argument against the curfew was made by the Montreal Regional Public Health Service (DRSP) before the holiday.

Document – An ethical comment sent by Regional Public Health Department On December 21 – Many reports Concerts Leading to the conclusion that Implementing alternative measures to enforce the curfew law Would have been desirable.

The Regional Public Health Department Call for example The parallel effects of the curfew order, which affects the most vulnerable population proportionately, are many tragic.

She quotes among others Death of a homeless person, curfew law for the homeless suspendedReferring to The tragic death of Rafael Andre.

However, this opinion did not convince Dr. Arruda that he recommended that the Legold government impose a curfew throughout Quebec, including Montreal. Size, Announced December 30thThe next day, New Year’s Eve came into effect.

Radio-Canada sought to approach Mylene Druin, regional director of public health in Montreal, about the curfew order, but it was denied by the CIUSSS du Center-Sud-de-l ‘Island of Montreal.

Finally, Montreal agreed to disclose public health A small passage proving that Dr. Drew is against the curfew.

Mylene Drouin was also nominated for National Public Health The Public Health Ethics Committee or any other independent ethical service should be compelled to provide an opinion.

Fully revised version of the protocol review provided Regional Public Health Department Recently sent to Radio-Canada in response to a request under the law relating to access to documents held by public bodies.

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The government finally agreed on Thursday to share a completely revised version of the document.

On the day of the press conference announcing the curfew law, Dr. Arruda was still thinking about how to justify the curfew order. He had demandedNational Public Health Institute of Quebec To study, but the company replied that it had nothing of its own and could not create one in such a short time.

In a press release issued on December 30 justifying the establishment of the curfew law, The Ministry of Health and Social Services He emphasized that the decision to impose a curfew was, in particular, based on An ethical analysis.

Clearly, we have not read the same noteLiberal leader Dominic Anglet commented on Twitter on Thursday evening.

We were ridiculed, lamented Joel Arseno, the PQ health spokesman on the same network. Once again, many times.

One day we need to shed full light on the management of the epidemicHe added.

Anne-Marie Dussault speaks with Luc Boileau, Acting National Director of Public Health.

Interviewed on the show 24 | 60Thursday evening at ICI RDI, Drs. Luke Boylev – Interim National Director of Public Health. Dr. Arruda’s resignation on January 10th – Acknowledged the existence of some Uncertainties And Shadows Regarding the actual effectiveness of the curfew order.

Dr. Bylo Not there When the curfew law was announced; Thus, he does not consider it necessary Review the quality of the result.

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That is, he assures us that he is his forerunner Surrounded by good men; That Suggestions Things to be done have been accomplished; And All literature Collected prior to public health recommendation on the effectiveness of the curfew law.

After all, Dr.

To say “I want a curfew order” is, in my opinion, not the choice of the government. Come on, it can’t be … It’s actually a recommendation made, we lived, and it was soon withdrawn. And look, now goes wellHe finished.

In collaboration with Thomas Gerbert