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Cyberpunk 2077 QA CEO responds to allegations that they misled CDPR

Cyberpunk 2077 QA CEO responds to allegations that they misled CDPR

Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot shows a human reinforced with mantis-like bladed arms attacking the hero's car.

Get down, you damned bug!
screenshot: CD Projekt

Cyberpunk 2077 movie It will always be a cautionary tale about how not to build and release a game. He was notorious for technical errors and developmental problems and now, according to New report from YouTuber Upper Echelon GamersCD Projekt Red was allegedly misled by a quality assurance company during game development. But in response, Quality Assurance CEO Stefan Cicarescu stated that this is all just a huge misunderstanding, according to VGC an interview.

The top of Echelon games Posted a video on June 25 Bypassing some religion he got from a whistleblower at Quantic Lab, an outsourcing quality assurance testing team in Romania. Quantique Lab He’s had a role in getting rid of bugs in some big-name games, including Desperados IIIAnd the Destroy all humans! The Witcher 3: Wild HuntAnd the Cyberpunk 2077 movie. The whistleblower, an anonymous Quantic Lab employee believed by UEG to be authentic based on a series of documents they claim to be in possession, including a 72-page QA test file and detailed spreadsheets tracking worker productivity, explained in an email dated 23 June. To UEG what happened during it Cyberpunk 2077 movieQuestion and answer test.

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According to the source, things are starting to get worse Cyberpunk 2077 movie QA testing in late 2019. It appears that Quantic Lab customers were sent to Poland to work directly with CD Projekt Red developer. The team was supposed to be made up of “veteran testers,” people with “extensive QA experience and understanding of the process and workflow,” UEG stated. However, those who attended were allegedly “junior testers” with less than a year or, in some cases, only six months of work in the field. According to a UEG source, CD Projekt Red was unaware of this team of junior testers, and instead thought they were getting Quantic Lab veterans who worked on it. Witcher 3.

But it wasn’t only Quantic Lab’s Quality Assurance department that caused the hiccups Cyberpunk 2077 moviedevelopment. Quantic Lab’s senior management allegedly set up a “error quota” policy that requires each individual tester to submit a minimum of 10 errors per day. The belief was that the new policy, which inevitably leads to employee fatigue, would increase productivity and further refine the game. To make it happen, though, testers bombarded the developers with thousands of tiny bugs, from cut items to missing embellishments.

According to UEG, the QA team focused a lot on errors that are negligible or of low priority to meet the quota. The source claimed Heavy rainfall from unnecessary glitches flooded workers across sections. You must watch the full video.

CD Projekt / Upper Echelon Gamers

In response to a UEG video, Quantic Lab CEO Stefan Cicarescu lowkey said Video games That the whole thing was a misunderstanding. He did not appear to deny or specifically address any of the allegations; Instead, make it clear that the claims in the video are riddled with inaccuracies about QA testing.

“The video posted on social media as mentioned in your article begins with incorrect data about the history of Quantic Lab,” Sicarscu said. “There appears to be a lack of understanding in the process of how to test the game before it is released to the market.”

Sicarescu said There is no global publisher that depends on just one QA team, suggestion CD Projekt may have recruited multiple debugging groups Cyberpunk 2077 movie.

“Quantic Lab supports more than 200 projects annually from many of the leading global publishers and continues to maintain quality that comes first in all the work we do,” Sicarscu said. “All customer agreements are confidential, but in general, global publishers work with many quality assurance outsourcing companies, not just relying on one, as well as internal developer-level QA resources in most cases. Every project we undertake is unique. regarding [to] Project requirements. The project direction is agreed and adjusted according to the real time requirements with our clients. Quantic Lab always strives to work with transparency and integrity with our industry partners. “

Kotaku I reached out to CD Projekt and Quantic Lab for comment.

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