March 28, 2023

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Dangerous jump for a cubes

The daughter of a beneficiary’s aide who jumped from a rope in Tarzan, Costa Rica, is retiring soon, and is urging travelers to take precautionary measures for their safety, even during the long-awaited vacation.

“It’s hard to accept. My dad is a super athlete, he’s going to retire. If we bet on the block, it will help me grieve,” said Melissa Labelle-Laport.

The father-daughter journey began two days before the tragedy.

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The father-daughter journey began two days before the tragedy.

His father, Andre Laport, died on May 11 during a trip to the Arenal Volcanic Ecological Park in Costa Rica, organized by Arenal Jungle Tours.

After the trek, the organizers gave the tourists a rope to tie the tarzan from a few meters of rock overlooking a river.

The 60-year-old was inspired by a mentor to pirate his back while participating in the Quebec Games in diving in his youth.

“But instead of going down into the water, he landed upside down on a rock. I was filming it. The screams of tourists still echo in my head,” says Melissa Labelle-Lapord in shock.

With instructions at hand

With no ambulance or ambulance nearby, the Quebec paramedic on board was unable to save the 60-year-old.

Lawrence Perold used bath towels to control the bleeding and made Andre Laport immobile. Paddle board The pedal was pulled by boat to bring it back to the dry land.

“They have no equipment. At the very least, it will carry a complete kit for dressing, backboard, cervical collar and oxygen bottles, ”lamented the caregiver, who joined Costa Rica.

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Over the next few hours, Andre Labord, who had received travel insurance, was finally taken to two clinics and a specialist hospital.

The day after the accident the 60-year-old’s heart was pounding, until one of his sons finally came to see him one last time. His body returned to Quebec this week.

That person was visiting Costa Rica for the first time.

Courtesy Image

That person was visiting Costa Rica for the first time.

A little positive

The 27-year-old and his two brothers have begun fundraising to raise awareness of the dangers at the crash site and purchase first aid kits in Costa Rica.

“I went through a lot of emotions, but I don’t want to be frustrated, I just want to bring something positive. I’m responsible for keeping the signs,” the nurse says professionally.

Very close to his father, the latter underscores his great heart, his love for sports and his compassion for the patients he tirelessly cared for during epidemics. “Having been a beneficiary assistant for 35 years at Cité-de-la-Santé, he has been praised by many,” he says.

Not their fault

For his part, the co-owner of Arenal Jungle Tours denies any responsibility for the crash. “There was a destiny planned by God and, unfortunately, what happened,” said Spanish Arturo, who refused to give his last name to the audience. Registration.

He also says that his mentors would never have encouraged Andre LaBord to be pirated. “We have the family at our disposal to improve what can be improved,” he continued.

Costa Rican does not want to say whether the rope jumps have resumed since Lavallois’ death.