January 29, 2023

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Delayed flights: You can get $ 1000 compensation

Under the Passenger Safety Act, which is in effect from 2019, passengers stranded at the airport will receive compensation ranging from $ 500 to $ 1,000.

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“Obviously carriers are not going to deliver it. You have to run after them because if they can, they will try it,” said Andrew D’Amers, co-founder of Flytrippers.

Each of the affected passengers can receive compensation calculated according to the size of the company.

“Due to the small number of passengers in recent years, it would be $ 1,000 per person to consider a large airline or $ 500 per person to consider a small aircraft,” he said. D’Amores.

Affected passengers have a one-year grace period to receive their due amount.

If responsible for delays, the carrier is also obligated to provide food and hotel room during the situation.

Under the law, the airline is required to communicate with the affected passengers.

In the event of a delay, passengers can also take out flight delay insurance, which will provide compensation for delays of at least four hours.

Passengers can thus request hotel overnight, transportation costs and food intake.

“The other thing to note (especially on Monday Sunwing) is that after a nine-hour delay, the airline carrier does not pick you up, they are forced to send you on another flight. .

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