April 1, 2023

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Derek Carr says Colin Kaepernick would be a good fit for the Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr says Colin Kaepernick would be a good fit for the Las Vegas Raiders

Henderson, Nevada – Quarterback Derek Carr Tuesday Support Raiders Giving Colin Kaepernick He rehearsed at the team facility two weeks ago and said, “I think he’d be cool” in the locker room, if Las Vegas signed him.

Kaepernick, who took a knee to protest police brutality and racial injustice during the pre-game national anthem, hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016, and the Raiders are the only team he’s worked with since.

“I don’t want to speak for everyone in that sense—I don’t want someone pissed off at me for saying, ‘I think it would be cool,’—but I know it and I’ll be fine,” Carr said Tuesday, after practicing the first mandatory mini-camp of the Raiders. “I know we’ve had him in the past, and I think we’ll do it again. I think mostly, he’d do great with our guys.”

Carr said he’s been familiar with Kaepernick since the two played in the Western Athletic Conference, with Fresno State and Nevada, respectively, in 2009. Kaepernick was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the second round (No. 36 overall) for the 2011 draft while Carr was taken by the raiders in the second round (also #36 overall) three years later.

“I remember our days back then, watching him and what he did in college and getting to know him and talking to him on the phone,” Carr said. “I told you guys, I loved my time with him. I think he’s a great guy. He was great to be around. I enjoyed being around him, talking to him, and competing with him.”

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Carr’s older brother David took a vacation with Kaepernick with the 49ers after the 2011 draft.

“He’s like, ‘I love Colin, he’s cool,'” Carr said of his brother’s thoughts on QB.

Carr said he didn’t meet with Kaepernick on his training day on May 25, but new Raiders coach Josh McDaniels got an alert about it.

“I literally said the same thing I’m telling you – I enjoyed my time around him, and I love him,” Carr recalls. “He and I get along really well.

“I think they did it in the afternoon, and I was already on the golf course with my two oldest child,” Carr said of the exercise.

The Raiders currently have four quarterback players on their roster – Carr, Nick MullinsAnd the Garrett Stidham And the chasing jarbers.