March 29, 2023

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Died at 17: She was licentiate

A 17-year-old girl who became violent last summer in Morrissey took her own life the day after she got her probationary license, a coroner’s inquest made public Tuesday reveals.

Eleonore Genest was driving her 2008 Hyundai Accent on Route 153 in the municipality of Lac-aux-Sables on August 9 around 3:30 p.m. on her way to an appointment.

About 250 meters from the Chain Saint-Alphonse, the young driver veered off his lane while a tractor unit carrying logs was coming in the opposite direction.

When the truck driver braked, it was already too late. Eleanor’s vehicle hits a tractor that pulls it away.

His death was immediate, Coroner Me Sophie Regnier.

“The fire broke out between two vehicles and quickly spread to the passenger compartment of the car, says Sophie Regnier. After the fire, firefighters used lifeline pliers to extricate Mme Genest of his car. ยป

Five months after the tragedy, the coroner was apparently unable to pinpoint why the young woman had veered off her path.

However, the inexperience of the driver should be considered. The man, who leaves behind parents and two sisters, had obtained his probationary driving license the day before the tragedy.

“She was able to drive alone for the first time on August 9,” read the autopsy report.

We cannot rule out that Eleonore Genest, who had attention deficit disorder, was distracted by something that the police investigation cannot determine.

Her cell phone doesn’t have a SIM card, so she can’t text or call at this time.

The thesis of voluntary gesture is not considered.

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“Mme Genest was going through an important and inspiring phase in his life: he entered CEGEP and his first apartment,โ€ reports coroner Sophie Regnier.

The young woman’s death sent shock waves through the Lac-aux-Sables municipality of 1,300 souls.

Municipal employees who could act as first responders intervened at the scene to assist the victim.

“In unison, some posted a photo of a red heart on Facebook.”