October 1, 2022

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Discharge in few days | “I ask for a lot of help, but I get none”

Two weeks after 1, hundreds of families are still looking for homes in QuebecR July. Others, like Michael Rock, risk ending up on the street in days without the support of the city of Montreal’s emergency services.

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Leila Dussault

Leila Dussault

“I feel hopeless there, abandoned,” Michael Rock says over the phone. I ask for a lot of help, I don’t mean it, but I don’t have any. »

The 56-year-old lives with her husband and their 23-year-old son in Tétreaultville, east of Montreal. Those who received financial assistance of last resort (social assistance) recently lost their case at the Administrative Housing Tribunal for non-payment of rent.

Photo by Dominic Gravel, The Press

Michael Rock, flanked by his wife (left) and son (right).

The family had to vacate the premises after July 13, as evidenced by a bail letter Pres He was able to negotiate, but negotiated an extension to July 20. And according to Mme Rock, none of Montreal’s emergency services responded to his pleas for help.

I did everything. I dialed 311, all the numbers they gave me. 211, and all the numbers they gave me. The lady at the Office Municipal d’Habitation de Montréal (OMHM) told me that I was banned from everywhere, even in ordinary houses.

Michael Rock

The family lives in a housing cooperative partially subsidized by OMHM. This public organization, on behalf of the City of Montreal, is “significantly responsible for supporting vulnerable and low-income families who are homeless or homeless and do not have a housing solution, especially in an eviction environment. According to the OMHM website, a health problem or a disaster.

Photo by Dominic Gravel, The Press

Eviction Notice Mr.me Rock

Don’t leave anyone out

Certain conditions apply to the City of Montreal to help families in need: 12 months of residence on the island of Montreal, modest income, apartment lost or about to be lost, and autonomy to live in housing.

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“That being said, the most important goal is to leave no one behind,” Camille Begin, public relations officer for the city of Montreal, said via email. Files are assessed on a case-by-case basis with grace and flexibility. Exceptions may apply. »

The City of Montreal’s emergency services include relocation support, as well as temporary shelter and storage, Ms.me Start.

311 is usually the front door to help.

At OMHM, Valérie Rhême, responsible for communications, confirms that there are certainly qualifications to receive support from the office. ” [Mais] Generally, we don’t beat people who end up on the street. »

Meanwhile, Michelle tries her hand at rock boxing while caring for her scooter-riding husband on hemodialysis and her mentally challenged son. As a last resort, she decided to turn to the media.

“I don’t want to take myself out on the street with my sick wife and my sick boy,” he laments.

Hundreds of families are still homeless

About 600 families were contacted by Quebec municipalities’ emergency services this week, according to Véronique Laflamme, spokeswoman for the Popular Action Front on Urban Renewal (FRAPRU).

In Montreal, as of July 12, 37 families were temporarily staying, notes Camille Begin. The number has almost quadrupled since June 29 when 10 families stayed. Also, 132 families went with the city’s emergency services.

Units that are too expensive for low- or modest-income tenants to afford, too small for families, or simply non-existent due to low vacancy rates: Ms. argues that the problem won’t “solve itself.”me Flame.

For families like Michael Rock, who have files for non-payment of rent, “it’s very difficult,” says the spokesperson.

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  • 107
    Number of households supported by the City of Montreal as of June 29, 2022

    City of Montreal

    Number of households supported by the City of Montreal as of July 14, 2022

    Front for Popular Action in Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU)