April 1, 2023

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Drainville with CAQ: “I do not want to lead the war for sovereignty”

Bernard Trainville explained in a speech that sounded like a quagmire of hope when announcing his candidacy for the 2022 general election that Quebec wars are to be waged within Canada.

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With Franசois Legalt, Bernard responded to questions from the media a few days after announcing his return to politics on the train, which had the effect of a real thunderstorm.

“I return to politics for the love of Quebec (…). When I say I have always loved Quebec, it is always a way of saying I am a nationalist,” he declared on Tuesday, explaining that he was mobilizing for the nationalism of the CAQ.

The Cubs “have no hunger” for freedom, Bernard Trainville believes, adding that he has “no taste for leading this war.” He says if the sovereignty of Quebec had been the center of his motives he would have returned to politics under the banner of the party Quebecois.

For his part, Prime Minister Franois Legald “was pleased to appoint Bernard’s qualified man.”

“We always behave well and we agree on many things,” he said of his former political opponent.

“She is OK. I see it as a real tribute to the Cubs. Bernard wants to hear what the Cubs have to say, ”he added, praising his future candidate’s communication skills.

The father of the party Quebecois’ secular charter will try to be elected in Lewis in the next election. The constituency will be vacated by FranAois Paradis, CAQ MP and Speaker of the National Assembly, who has not sought a new mandate.

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Bernard Trainville, 59, resigned as host on 98.5 FM last Thursday evening. He has been commenting on political news on COGECO Airways since he left politics in 2016. He was a PQ member of former Radio-Canada journalist Mary-Victor from 2007 to 2016. The Minister in charge of Democratic Institutions under the Moroccan Government, from 2012 to 2014, he particularly piloted the file of the Controversial Charter of Quebec Values, and in 2014 ran in the race for Pauline Morois’ successor, finally joining Pierre Carl Pelato.

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