October 1, 2022

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[EN IMAGES] A rare weather event has hit Quebec and Ontario

[EN IMAGES] A rare weather event has hit Quebec and Ontario

Affected by an unusual weather event, Quebec and Ontario were hit hard by violent storms that caused extensive damage along their way on Saturday.

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Environment Canada said winds of up to 100km / h and hail of two to four centimeters were expected in some places.

“What is special, however, is that the storm is causing damage over such a vast area,” said Simon Legalt, a meteorologist with the Environment Canada.

A very strong, fast-moving thunderstorm, commonly known as “terracotta,” moved through most of the two provinces on Saturday afternoon. “When there is a tricycle, there will be thunderstorms with very strong winds. [puissants]. So it is very strong, very serious, but very brief, ”he said. Legalt explained that this phenomenon is very rare due to the need for specific weather conditions.

Screenshot, TVA Nouvelles

In their course, the storm and wind caused a lot of damage. After the storm passed, uprooted trees, sloping poles and numerous damaged buildings were found. In addition, according to various officials, it is believed that at least five people, including one in Outa, may have lost their lives as a result of the incident.

Electrical breakage, numerous malfunctions were observed

In both Ontario and Quebec, many homes were plunged into darkness due to inclement weather. 350,000 customers lost electricity in Ontario, while in Quebec this number rose to more than 550,000.

Hydro-Québec’s spokesman Maxense Huard-Lefevbre said the power outage was caused by significant damage to electrical installations in La Belle province.

By Sunday morning, Hydro-Quebec teams had restored power to 25% of customers affected by the power outage. “We currently have 350 teams, which is equivalent to more than 700 workers. This number could increase even during the day,” said Mr Howard-Lefebvre.

However, some subscribers may have to wait a long time to be reconnected due to the amount of work required.

Photo by QMI Agency, Mark Valiers

According to the State Corporation, Laurentians, Lanaudière and Outauais are particularly affected. At the height of the crisis, nearly 182,000 homes were in darkness in Laurentians, 118,000 in Lanaudiere and 121,000 in Outaouais.

“If people find hydro-Quebec wire on the road, it is important to contact 911 so that the premises are safe,” he said. Hart-Lefebvre recalled.

Photo by QMI Agency, Mark Valiers