July 4, 2022

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[EN IMAGES] Condemnation of dangerous behavior at the Metro Metro Festival

[EN IMAGES] Condemnation of dangerous behavior at the Metro Metro Festival

Officials are condemning the dangerous acts that could turn tragic, as some of those who took part in the Metro Festival this weekend climbed the Olympic grounds or caused crowds at concerts without paying.

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“Of course, we openly condemn this kind of behavior, which is very dangerous, except that it is illegal,” said Cedric Essimini, a spokesman for the Olympic Park.

The latter was responding to viral videos over the weekend filmed at the Metro Metro Hip-Hop Music Festival. In some scenes, we see festival goers going straight to the stadium to sneak into the event at the Esplanade of the Olympic Park.

“There are more than 160 cameras around our site, active 24/7. Any intrusion is filmed and listed. About 250 guards were on the scene during the festival. An autopsy on the event will take place this week. ” Essimini promises.

The worst was avoided

In other pictures posted on the Instagram site, we see agitated participants tapping the gate that was put down by the guards hired by the festival.

One movement of the crowd pushes young people to the ground, while others run towards the site where you can attend concerts.

“Travis Scott! Travis Scott! Travis Scott! Yes, Gang shitThe person filming this overflowing scene screams. The latter refers to the movement of the crowd during a performance by Travis Scott In the United States.

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Transferred to emergency

Sebastien Coulombay, a spokeswoman for Argentine-Sande, told the Journal that six people attending the festival had to be taken to an emergency room this weekend. “Unfortunately, I do not know the nature of the interventions,” he says.

For its part, the Montreal Police Service (SPVM) confirms that at least five festival goers have been arrested.

The mayor reacts

Contacting the matter, Mayors confirms that Valerie Plante’s cabinet regrets these outbursts.

“The city of Montreal has asked the promoter and the Olympic park administration to present a contingency plan before accepting the overflowing event, which was done in good and proper form because they are responsible for ensuring and maintaining their site security,” the cabinet said.

“We will be in touch with the organizers to decide what to do to avoid this kind of overflow. [à l’avenir]”, We add.

Philip Vandon Brande, head of media relations for the Metro Festival, commented sternly.

“Any security related event is then evaluated and the images are analyzed in their overall context. Know that we take any event very seriously and everyone’s safety is our priority,” he wrote in a brief email. Registration.