June 2, 2023

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[EN PHOTOS] You can own a large church for $250,000

[EN PHOTOS] You can own a large church for $250,000

A cathedral-like place of worship, Saint-Bernard Church in Nova Scotia is looking for a buyer willing to pay $250,000 to get their hands on one of the largest churches in Eastern Canada.

Listed for sale Friday on the RE/MAX website as a “single-family home,” the church is located in the small community of St.-Bernard, on the edge of the pied-à-terre of Sainte-Marie, in the province’s Acadian community.

Started in 1910, the construction of this traditional jewel lasted for more than thirty years. The church was built with more than 8000 granite stones. It occupies about 14,000 square feet, with nearly a million cubic feet of space inside, as described in the ad.

The building, which was demolished last year, comes with six bathrooms, a stunning ocean view, a 20-stop organ and “unbelievable acoustics,” but no bedrooms and will have all its statues removed before takeover.

With a list price of $250,000, the church is about half the cost of acquiring a single-family home in greater Montreal, where the median price reached $515,000 in February. However, the buyer should expect to pay more than the listed price to renovate the building, which is actually needed.

When the church was desecrated in June 2022, CBC News reported that its renovation would require millions of dollars, an amount the community could not afford, especially since the church was built to accommodate only a thousand people and only dozens. of worshipers when it was closed.

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