October 1, 2022

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End of health emergency: Only a few orders will be active, Quebec promises

Under criticism since his bill was tabled, Health Minister Christian Dupe has promised to issue “three or four” orders soon, even after the health emergency has been lifted.

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Currently, there are about sixty orders in force under the Health Emergency. Quebec plans to complete most of these in the coming weeks.

“When we start discussing the bill, there will be three or four orders left. We can no longer add orders, we can remove some, ”the minister commented on Thursday.

His bill, 28, was tabled yesterday, and all the decrees in effect at the time it was adopted will remain in effect until December 31, 2022, until the government decides to repeal them.

The extension of some extraordinary powers until the end of this year is seen as an open hurdle by the opposition because it does not specify what orders will be placed after the bill is passed.

At a press conference, Christian Dube presented a complete list. The remaining orders will be divided into education (distance education), activities (vaccination, screening), telemedicine and bonuses.

Similarly, the minister wanted to appease the opposition who feared that the agreements would be renewed by mutual agreement. Contracts related to screening and vaccination can only be extended until the end of the year, while contracts related to the transportation and storage of products obtained during epidemics end in a maximum of five years.

All other agreements entered into by mutual agreement shall be renewed as required by law relating to contracts by public bodies. “We will go with the tender process offered at LCOP,” Christian Dubey promises.

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Listen to the Fossie-Rapidail meeting with Philippe-Vincent Fossie, Antoine Robitail and Benoit Tudricz on QUB Radio:

Prior to the minister’s departure, three opposition parties in the National Assembly resumed their campaign on Thursday morning to condemn his bill.

Liberal leader Dominic Anglet believes the CAQ wants to retain extraordinary powers, rather than re-imposing a health emergency in the middle of the election campaign if the 6th wave occurs next fall.

“This avoids the awkwardness of bringing back the state of emergency at a time when it is inappropriate for a CAQ,” he said.

“This government is accustomed to rule by decree, it’s so comfortable in this big democratic lazy boy, I do not want to leave it,” lamented Vincent Marshall for his part in solidarity.

Like his opposition colleagues, the PQ’s parliamentary leader hopes to make clear what power Quebec wants to retain. “Let the government make clear what tools it wants to use to manage the post-emergency climate. We cannot be in crisis, we cannot be at the same time. We can’t be in an emergency, we can’t be in an emergency, “said Joel Arsenio.