October 4, 2023

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Even courts are looking for a deadbeat sommelier

Even courts are looking for a deadbeat sommelier

Pursued by employees, customers and suppliers for tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid bills, sommelier Catherine Levasseur is giving the courts a hard time, and they can’t reach her.

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In two cases, legal representatives were unable to inform the 50-year-old Samir that he was subject to legal proceedings.

Painter contractor Jean-Francois Bergevin has demanded more than $12,000 from Catherine Levassier, who hired him to repaint Saperlipopette, a restaurant he was preparing to open in the old Longue in the spring of 2022. He was not paid for his work.

“I went to get a check and the check bounced. She said she was in the hospital. After that there was never an answer,” he sums up.

In this case, the contractor went to court last October. But the bailiff still could not reach Catherine Levassier in person, Mr. As Bergevin underlines.

“The addresses are not correct, she is not!” reprimands the painter so that Catherine is unable to convey his case to Levassier.

  • via QUB-RadioHear journalist Catherine LaMontagne return to the subject:

The same goes for Huîtres en mouvement, which in the spring of 2021 gave Catherine Levasseur around 500 oysters during special evenings organized at the Buvette bar à vin futé in Old Longueuil.

“She never paid. We served oysters, mignonettes, lemonade, service, we served the staff, we opened oysters!”, owner Christopher Resin claims, claiming more than $1,700 from her in small claims.

But the case has not yet been reported to Catherine Levasseur, who has closed her restaurant and changed her address, Mr. upset Resin.

Eric Santerre, president of Tök Communications, is also suing Sommier, and in the summer of 2020 retained the services of a collection agency to track down $1,000 owed to Catherine Levasser for her public relations settlement. But the redeemer was nowhere to be found.

“The address on file may not be correct. Be it his spouse, or his mother… As if all the addresses are irrelevant, they struggle to tell him the situation. Where is that girl? Where is she hiding?” he asks.

Photo by Laitia Closot

Gagne, Levasseur Gagne or L. Our Bureau of Investigation revealed Monday morning that Catherine Levasseur — who also goes by the names Gagne — has opened and closed at least three restaurants since the pandemic began, each time leaving behind unpaid bills and wages. More than twenty employees, suppliers and customers are now receiving thousands of dollars from him.

Hospitalizations, deaths of those around her, breakups: The 50-year-old woman made excuses to avoid settling her debts before she stopped giving signs of life to her creditors.

The sommelier — who made headlines in 2013 for organizing fake wine tastings across Quebec — is also the target of a dozen civil lawsuits.

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