March 30, 2023

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Except for transient cases, the Maisonneuve-Rosemont emergency room is closed tonight

Patients who have already been admitted will be treated. In addition, those who arrive by ambulance and who will be considered unstable will be allowed, CIUSSS said in a press release. otherwise, Outpatients cannot be observed that night.

Other ambulances will eventually be diverted to other agencies in the Greater Montreal area.Add CIUSSS, reminds that Non-emergencies can contact their family doctor or pharmacist, a doctor at a clinic, or the Info-Santé line at 8-1-1..

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubey issued a statement on Twitter.

“I met CEO of CIUSSS Had a discussion with the nurses this evening. The emergency situation in HMR is now unbearable, I know that. Ensuring the safety of all patients is our priority. That’s why we made the difficult decision to limit operations to the emergency department for this night. Will update you tomorrow. »

An eventful evening

The partial closure of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital’s emergency room comes after a busy evening. Sit inside Nurses to indicate refusal of a contingency plan determined by the institution’s management.

In a petition signed Friday and discussed by Radio-Canada, a group of nurses and nurse’s aides at the hospital’s emergency room are demanding the immediate resignation of their department head. […] Otherwise, he decided to resign from his post. 90% of the 110 workers in the group signed the petition.

These experts have long condemned mandatory overtime due to a shortage of nurses.

I will drive home for two or three nurses and I won’t be out until 8:00 tomorrow morning. Because tonight, the problem is, we’re exposed by eight nursesAnnie Bourgeois explained.

Another nurse responded to the question of whether nurses can respect ethical standards in the current situation Absolutely not.

What is our dilemma? Do we lose our license because we refuse to work or do we lose our license because we are going to kill someone? »

A quote Annie Fournier, an emergency nurse at Rosemont Hospital

Mrs. Fournier and his colleagues criticize management for doing nothing to retain employees and creating a toxic and inhumane work environment. He also condemns the use of overtime as a means of management rather than as an exceptional measure.

We work in a dilapidated hospital that is understaffed. Everyone leaves, everyone tries to go somewhere elseRose-Elaine Tiberio underlined.

Nurses, nurses and staff gathered in a common room.

A sit-in was held during the evening shift at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont to mark the rejection of an emergency plan decided by management and to protest against mandatory overtime.

Photo: Radio-Canada / David Gentile

It is inhumane and true administrative malpractice that HMR emergency doctors are forced to work overtime.Denis Cloutier, president of the East-of-the-Island-of-Montreal Health Professionals Syndicate condemned

According to him, First level managers are responsible for applying TSO They often use threats and intimidation to achieve their goals.

Sources confirmed to Radio-Canada that more than 400 mandatory overtime hours were worked during the first weekend of January, most of which were nurses called in. Unprecedented From the perspective of a physician who has worked in the emergency department for many years.

Measures that are difficult to implement

In Quebec, about thirty hospitals have succeeded in implementing a local schedule management system that helps reduce the use of mandatory overtime. This is not the case at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, whose emergency department visits are very high.

Over the past week, the occupancy rate of stretchers in the hospital’s emergency room has fluctuated between 94% and 141%.

Minister of Health of Quebec, Christian Dubey confirmed the week Finally Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont was one of the institutions Very difficult to implement actions.

This makes it easier to retain and recruit staff and therefore reduces the workload of nurses on duty.

Daniel Boily and David Gentile