May 24, 2022

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Excessive emergencies: An emergency doctor cries from the heart

Behind the high occupation rates in the provincial emergency rooms are doctors and patients who have serious consequences for the condition.

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Charles-Le Moyne Hospital Emergency Physician Dr. For Mélissa Ranger, this is an “unseen” situation.

“It would be wrong to say that swimming in the middle of a tsunami can provide quality treatment to patients because I would say at certain times and in certain emergencies that it is a dangerous situation for patients.” Doctor.

He criticizes the way emergency traffic rates are calculated differently by hospitals, so the figures are often biased.

“The inevitable happens from time to time because you can’t be optimal in these conditions,” says Dr. Ranger.

However, he wants to reassure people. Health workers always do what they can.

However, he says he is concerned about how people in Quebec are treated when they are treated in the emergency department.

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