February 6, 2023

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Former sex worker Louise Chigoine has pleaded guilty before the disciplinary panel of her former professional body

The show’s former star sexologist If we loved each other Louis Cigoin pleaded guilty to all charges against him Tuesday morning during a hearing before Quebec’s sex offenders’ disciplinary committee. Both parties agreed to submit a joint plan to pay penalties, including a suspension of up to six months, a $14,000 fine, and expert fees, specifically, approximately $21,000.

Louis Cigoin faced two complaints against him in the spring of 2022, after more than two years of professional discipline’s syndic investigation, including sections on access to all recordings of the show.

“I was very surprised to note that all the consultations filmed between Louis Cigoin and the 28 candidates were entered into and consulted by the Order. [des sexologues] As part of this investigation. It represents a colossal visionary work spanning hundreds of hours. I feel this order has done rigorous and thorough work on this file. I assure that the public is protected by this,” he clarified want Jean-Philippe Caron is a former candidate for the first season If we loved each other presence at trial.

In April 2022, Duty Collected testimonies from four participants Reality TV If we loved each other Louis Chigoin felt he had failed in his ethical obligations to produce “good TV”.

Louis Cigoin chose to plead guilty to seven charges that were at the center of the first complaint filed by the commission against all 28 participants over three seasons. If we loved each otherBroadcast on TVA.

In particular, Louis Cigoin was accused of having “failed to protect his professional independence and indulged in self-interest” and had “conducted the profession in such a way as to undermine the honor and dignity of the latter, which is also liable to destroy public confidence in the latter”. Mme Sigouine admits that it did not respect the principle of “free and informed consent of its clients” and “did not ensure that their consent was free and informed throughout the professional relationship”.

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He also violated the sex worker’s professional code of ethics regarding the confidentiality of confidential information. “He is accused of not withdrawing the right of his clients at any time. An interview or an activity, but not providing terms for revocation of authorization and destruction of records”, the trustee’s lawyer Ms.e Véronique Brouillet.

Ordinance of Sex Professionals of Quebec Mme Chikovin never honored his clients’ contracts with the product for not honoring his civil liability, while the latter waived their support against the former sex therapist.

It represents a colossal visionary work spanning hundreds of hours. I feel this order has done rigorous and thorough work on this file. I am comforted that the public is protected.

The former sex therapist pleaded guilty to “disloyalty to four clients” and “lacking sufficient knowledge and understanding of the facts, failing to clearly identify reasons for counseling or client needs”.

In the client files If we loved each other 1, 2 and 3, there is no information in the development of the assessment to establish an intervention program tailored to the specific needs of clients. The respondent explained that the assessment took place during the candidate selection process. “I see little possibility of their taking the approach, which is always a little one,” referring to a document jointly submitted by the two sides that was read during the hearing.

“From a professional point of view, this does not correspond to what is expected of a professional assessment. […] It is also stated that the respondent does not develop a specific intervention plan for each customer but a predetermined intervention plan according to the needs of production”.

Convicted on the second complaint

Louis Chigoine also filed an answer to the charges in the context of the second complaint against him, namely three counts regarding three of his clients in the context of reality TV.

The Ordre des sexologues du Québec does not try to establish and maintain a relationship of mutual trust with them, and the rules of art and “the quality of the relationship established with the clients, the quality of the interventions with them and the relationship with them.”

As part of the investigation conducted by the Trustee, Ms.me Chigoine admitted to wearing earpieces without his clients’ knowledge. According to Syndic’s investigation, the production dropped by the set and asked questions of the former sex therapist’s clients either live or through a headset. Therefore, “the respondent did not inform its clients that it was in a conflict of interest situation”, as stated in the collective agreement presented by the two parties before the Disciplinary Council.

The Chairman of the Disciplinary Board expressed concern over the joint sanction proposal made during the hearing. “Will the public understand that there will be other seasons? Mr.me Not a member of Chicoin Order? He recalled that since May 2022 – at his request – he was not registered there, the six-month suspension would only be theoretical. Louise Sigouine’s lawyer Ms.e Nicholas St-Jacques made it clear during the hearing that his client did not want to become a member of the Ordre des sexologues du Québec again.

The Disciplinary Board has 90 days to render its decision.

Louis Chigoin, who appeared at the hearing, declined to comment. For its part, TVA, the show’s broadcaster If we loved each otherHe did not respond to our request for an interview.

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