September 26, 2022

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From Martin Biron to Claire Samson!

Tuesday is a back-to-school day in Radio-Canada’s news department. Hosts Patrice Roy, Céline Galipeau and Anne-Marie Dussault opened the doors to their new studios in the new Maison de Radio-Canada, filled with natural light and lined with big screens.

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It’s super. In fact. Who would miss the old windowless brown tower? Sébastien Bovet is still reeling from the departure of his colleague Martin Biron, who was recruited by the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) in anticipation of the October 3 elections. “I’m still behind me,” he breathes. I never saw that coming. I don’t feel betrayed, I understand the desire for public service. Let’s just say she surprised me. »

Sébastien Bovet and Martin Biron were a “professional couple” for 15 years. In addition to the daily broadcast Political activists (RDI at 12:30 p.m.), Sebastien Bovet gets PatriotsOutgoing members of the National Assembly, including Claire Samson of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), will convene every weekday (RTI at 4:30 p.m.). Pierre (Liberal Party), Emilie Foster (Partner Avenir Quebec) and Martin Oulet (Parti Québécois).

Now, why hire Claire Samson? Didn’t she recently declare that “green plant” representatives like her would not commit suicide on the job? “He’s the first member of the Conservative Party of Quebec. And the Conservative Party of Quebec is rising in the polls. It’s important for us to have that voice,” explains host Sébastien Povet.

Reached Tuesday afternoon, Claire Samson, 67, told me she won’t pocket a single dollar for her contribution. Patriots of RDI. It’s a volunteer job, she insists. “We are an affiliate and we have no right to receive money. Radio-Canada cannot pay us. No problem. »

I note here that Radio-Canada’s standards do not allow the channel’s broadcasts to be paid by “politicians, their representatives or those holding public office in which they participate.” End of parenthesis.

How does Claire Samson view her new role as a political analyst? She qualifies: “Political analyst, we don’t get mad about it. It interests me, except I realize that I have to follow all the news of the week. Understand: It’s a lot of work for zero pay.

Claire Samson will only appear on Friday’s edition Patriots, which lasts for an hour. So we don’t see her everyday in RDI for a month. Only Amir Qadir from Quebec City Patriots Officially out of office.

Claire Samson, who recently underwent surgery for a brain tumor, is doing well. “I had no after effects. I am very good. I have a new puppy. I am ready to retire,” he says.

Since she’s been outspoken that she won’t cut any water, it’s safe to say that Claire Samson will definitely stand out in this soft and clean television universe. Patrice Roy, President 6 pm newsIt acknowledges that Radio-Canada’s panels have “perhaps leaned on more than one edge” in the past.

“We’ve restructured political coverage. You have to try things,” he says, as political scientist Christian Dufour (far right) and columnist Emily Nicolas (partner left) continue to debate. 5 pm news In RDI.

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As its name suggests, Patriots It will end after the Provincial Assembly elections. such as Political activists, former Liberal minister Michelle Courchesne will replace Pierre Moreau, who is rumored to be returning to radical politics. Jean-François Lisée, Dimitri Soudas and Françoise Boivin are in the saddle.

Another star commentator joining the ranks of Radio-Canada news: former Quebec mayor Regis Labeaume, who will take over a weekly column. News broadcast Patrice Roy (temporarily) known as: Three minutes at the Regis. However, nothing is set in stone.

On election night (Monday, October 3), Patrice Roy will lead this high level with Regis Laboume, 98.5 FM’s Luke Ferrantes and Chibukama Mayor Manon Cyr whose frenzy promises to knock us to the ground.

Leaders’ Debate, again led by Patrice Roy, will take place on Thursday, September 22 at 8pm in the grand atrium of the Maison de Radio-Canada. It will come after a week face to face In VAT. Yes, even if this election campaign doesn’t promise to be the hottest one, it will eat up a lot of air time.

On Sunday, September 4 at 8pm on RDI and Radio-Canada, Anne-Marie Dussault, Celine Calibeau and Patrice Roy will cook up the main political parties live. Five leaders, one election. Just this week, Radio-Canada is stepping into the news social network TikTok by offering original content on the platform (not archives).

Reporter Tamara Alteresco, who closed the Radio-Canada office in Moscow in June, is flying to Ukraine on Saturday. Next year, Tamara Alteresco will work from Montreal. You can see his reports The Telejournal Especially Céline Galipeau’s.

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Anne-Marie Dussault begins her 15th birthdaye Season led by excellent journalism 24-60 And she’s happy to be able to welcome so many guests once again, not on Zoom. “Politicians say their region is the most beautiful during election campaigns. Me, I’m not afraid to say that my studio is the most beautiful,” says Anne-Marie Dussault with a vibrancy that we know.