January 29, 2023

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General Assembly | The Bloc Québécois presented a plan to redefine the party’s mission

The Bloc Québécois on Saturday, during its general committee, tabled a proposal aimed at redefining the party’s mission and will be submitted to a vote of delegates for the National Training Congress in May 2023.

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Elo Gauthier Lamothe
Canadian Press

is titled We, QuebecersThe thirty-page document sets out various principles put forward by the bloc and will be discussed, revised and adopted at the conference to transform it into a new program of political training.

According to Yves-François Blanchet, leader of the Bloc Québécois, the plan reaffirms Quebec’s values ​​regarding economic development and breathes new life into the party.

“All space is left to activists within the framework of the principles we have defined,” the president explained in an interview with Canadian Press on the sidelines of the council. […] This is the first time we have had complete freedom to define, define and update our identity, and we have tried to innovate our aims and our vision.

It was the first time Black had undertaken such an exercise, and Mr. Blanchett said she was “extraordinarily happy” with how it went and that she was “very involved” in writing it.

Sovereignty and the Environment

The proposal brings together the party’s central themes of secularism, relations with tribal people, language issues and the environment.

Mr. Blanchett said in an interview that she wanted to “advance the debate on sovereignty”, which, for her, is illustrated by “liberal, but French” immigration and an ecological discourse that is “incompatible with Canada”. . The proposal aims to “renew” the idea of ​​freedom, but adapts it to the rhythm of Quebecers.

Asked about the compromise between the environmental cause and wealth creation, the party’s leader argued that Quebec must claim its power as a global player by asserting itself as a nation in its own right.

“The fight against climate change is a global debate; to participate in the global debate, you have to be a country,” he said […] Establishing genuine international relations is very difficult for a province, much less a party.”

He also declared that Canada was “one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to oil” and pointed to inconsistencies in the federal government, particularly in relation to funding for exploration territories in the North Atlantic.

Mr. Blanchett concluded by recalling the dysfunctional relationship between indigenous peoples and the federal government, which, according to him, “only buys peace with a check” without giving them a real right to speak.

“The Bloc Québécois are the ones who go the furthest in recognizing the right of aboriginal nations to self-determination,” he summed up.

The General Assembly, held at the Granby Convention Center in Estrie, brought together representatives of the party, riding leaders, youth council and national office members. During the day, the Bloc Québécois also adopted rules for the next national convention.

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